Sunday, April 7, 2013

Warzone: Resurrection hits Six Figures, and Over Seven Hundred Backers

     With eight days left to go, the Warzone Resurrection Kickstarter from Prodos has cleared the six figure mark.  Of equal importance, it has more than seven hundred backers... meaning this game isn't disappearing anytime soon. Welcome to the Warzone!

     This kickstarter continues to push through stretch goal after stretch goal. With eight days remaining Warzone Resurrection has broken the six figure mark, and achieved its £100,000 stretch goal- an additional unique character at release, as selected by the backers.

     Have I mentioned that Prodos is listening to us, that they want our feedback, that they are planning releases based on input, and even changing models and rules based on responses?  If you were looking for a mass-market game from a company that wants *you* to be a part of their game and not just *your wallet*, you just found it.  

      A month ago I went into all of the reasons I thought we should back this kickstarter.  Not only have those reasons not changed... they've intensified.  Two weeks to change the Bauhaus Hussars from their original intended look to something that the fans collectively agreed upon.  You know, most companies don't even let you see a model until it's time for you to buy it... Prodos has been letting us assist on design aesthetics, unit composition, even basic game mechanics!  If you wanted a game from a company/development team that was actually interested in the after-purchase game environment, Prodos seems to be the leader of the pack.

     Over seven hundred backers... and at the current prices, likely very few soldier hoarders among them.  This means a lot of people getting into the game.  Sure, I'd love to see that number increase (realistically 700 spread over the globe is pretty slim saturation)... and post release it will.  700 means there's a reasonable chance someone else in your local area will be playing- at least one person.  And with how sweet these models are looking, all you're going to need to get people interested at your FLGS is two people playing.  

     Community support for this game is strong. Right now there is a Facebook page, a Forum, and a closed forum for people backing the project pre-kickstarter.  Not to mention a lot of static on the major outlet forums like Dakka and Warseer.  Then there's the little blurb I posted up over here.  Oh, and a couple blogs like yours truly that isn't going to let the game go away, even if I have to keep e-slapping Mark and Jarek.  

     One thing that really strikes me about this release so far is flexibility- allegedly, the complete rules will allow games as small as effectively one unit and a hero all the way through massive multi-squad armies supported by a half dozen pieces of armor, without any lag in playability. Want a skirmish game with amazing models? Check.  Want a squad game? Check. Want a game with deep, rich backstory? 20 years of it, Check.  Want a game that ties your RPG play into your TTG play? Right here, check.  Want a game that allows "big army play" guys to collect up everything they want, but still be able to play enjoyable games with their "skirmish only" buddies?  Check.  

     If you haven't already, it's time to jump in the pool.  Back this kickstarter and you'll get a game I can guarantee you'll enjoy playing.  See you on the other side of the table.

The Second Class Elitist

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