Saturday, April 13, 2013

Warzone Resurrection breaks £120K! Could we see Mishima?

     With a little over 48 hours to go, the Warzone: Resurrection Kickstarter is still powering through, having now toppled the £120K mark-something I admit even I didn't think it'd reach! Are we in range of releasing Mishima? Will the MegaCorp of the Rising Sun make it to the kickstarter?

     Sometimes you just can't stop a good thing... and this Kickstarter is one of them!  Prodos has done an amazing job of keeping the stretch goals inventive and desirable, continually convincing pledgers to both up their own pledges, and spread the word about this kickstarter. That growth has manifested itself to the tune of 35 additional backers and almost £10k in only 36 hours!

     I gotta admit, I didn't think we'd see this far. My estimates from the start that this thing ending in the high one-teens... but with a full two days left- historically a very lucrative time for Kickstarters- and adding in the fact that the £140 stretch goal is the release of yet another faction (and a popular one at that), could we see the fans of Mishima push this thing over the top?  

     I personally know a couple people that haven't gotten into this kickstarter solely based on the fact that their beloved Mishima wasn't in it.  Here's your chance, gentlemen! All we need to make that happen is £20,000.  I know that sounds like a stretch... but remember that this just grew by more than half of that in the prior 36 hours, and it is possible.  

     On one hand, I  think it's probably best if Mishima isn't unlocked, honestly.  Sneaking in at the end of the Kickstarter means one of three things will happen:  

  1. Prodos will show that the are amazing and release a fully supported line to compete with and rival the other factions... costing them money that was earmarked for other purposed, and deflating the value of the Kickstarter to them somewhat, which could hurt further development.
  2. Mishima will get unlocked, but only have a few unit entries, making it harder for those playing it to compete, which garners ill will (and disgruntled players) which could hurt further sales.
  3. Mishima gets released with a few kits, but with entries for a fully fleshed out force, with the intention of following up with them in a three month window.  Players may choose not to wait that long, and pick up models from other companies, which could hurt further sales.

     On the other, far less business oriented hand, I certainly can't begrudge someone the presence of their favorite force on the table- if it was Imperial that was £20K from being unlocked, I'd be taking out a bank loan, selling a kidney, or both.  Sometimes what's best and what's fair don't line up, that's a tragedy of life.  Prodos has shown that they're good to their word, and dedicated to doing this right, so I know if it gets to £140K Mishima will unlock, and they'll do them justice.  

     It's been a long strange roller coaster so far, filled with bumps, bruises, trolls under the bridge, bounce-outs of major pledges, and a fan base showing support for a company bringing a much-loved IP back into the wargame world.  It's not over yet! We've got two and a half days to go! Let's see if we can get to Mishima! Spread the word, talk to your clubs and friends, and let's make this happen!

The Second Class Elitist


  1. You sum my thinking exactly: on one hand I want my space samurai, but on the other, I thinks it's too early. Lets Propdos sells the first five faction, make a name and a solid fanbase, outside those who pledged in the KS, and them make other force. Of course we miss for two of the most loved Corpo (mishima & Imperial) but 4 Apostle to, with big love as Illian or Semai. The most difficult: wait and be patient :)

  2. I feel much the same way. I kinda hope they don't make it so that they can be a fully realized army when released. I don't blame fans of Mishima wanting them released, but would hate for them to be discouraged by an extremely limited army.