Monday, April 15, 2013

Warzone Resurrection Breaks £145k! Mishima unlocks, new Mishima stretch!

     Heading into the last eight hours of the Kickstarter, Prodos has now surpassed their second bundle of stretch goals... they are updating goals one at a time as they are reached, going into the home stretch.  How far can this get in the last hours?

     Mishima has arrived! Warzone: Resurrection has broken the £140 stretch goal to unlock them... as well as the £145 stretch goal to unlock the specific character Lord Nozaki.  

     Mishima players have stood up to be counted, and you've earned your MegaCorp.  Congratulations!  The Mishima starter is going to contain one Hiroko captain, ten Ronin in a unit, and the Mecha. Personally, I can't wait to see the Mecha- one of my favorite models from the old line.  I'm hoping Prodos retains the smooth, rounded lines of Mishima, to me that was very iconic.  In addition, Lord General Nozaki has also been unlocked as a special character.  Up to the moment, the £150 stretch goal would see the release of the Hatamoto troopers- a very flavorful, very intrinsic unit for the Mishimans.  

     Over 880 backers to this kickstarter. Carlson and Big Jim launching Doomtrooper Radio.  DiceandBrush, Galaxy in Flames, LXG, and a bagful of other bloggers clacking away about this.  And there's a lot more to come.  Get in, get pledged, and make this thing go through the roof.  This game is going to be incredibly fun to play,  beautifully rendered, in a rich atmosphere, which global support.  Step into the Warzone.  

The Second Class Elitist