Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kickwatcher: Light up your life, with Powered Play!

PoweredPlay Gaming
     Sometimes, there's just things you can't sculpt onto models.  Things like roadwear, like personal insignia, like... working lights.  If you've ever gone through the pain in the ass of lighting up a miniature wargame model and wished there was an easier way, Powered Play just became your Genie.

     I don't know about you... but I love the look of vehicles with working lights. Which is a shame, for two reasons.  One, there's not a single manufacturer that supplies them that way.  Two, there's not a single after-market kit that's designed specifically for use in 28mm model vehicles.  Or... is there?  Well, that's gonna be up to us.

Alpha Kit Supporters can select up to 5 colored lighting strings from our available options
     Powered Play Gaming has come up with a Kickstarter for an amazing time-saving, finger-saving product.  It's a plug-and-play wiring system on a specially crafted PC board, run from a 9mm battery.  All the guess work, all the wiring problems, and even all the soldering is taken care of for you!  No more burnt fingers, no more thinking you've done the math on the resistors right only to find out you carried the three wrong, no struggling with the six-watch-battery-series.  

     Not only is this a godsend for vehicles... but think of the possibilities for lighting effects on modern/futuristic terrain pieces- streetlamps, the warm glow of the force shield, or even an unearthly glow in the rubble.  Want your fantasy table to really stand out?  LED up your lanterns, create glows from pyres, and embers on alters.  The possibilities are endless, and now a heck of a lot simpler!

     Think it's too difficult to wire up your own lighting?  Not any more.  Need proof?  How does Shrink-wrapped to fully assembled and lit flying saucer in twelve and a half minutes sound?  Take a look.   

     Not only is this a great product, but their future ideas and stretch goals are really inventive, and you can tell they were designed with the mini wargamer in mind.  Smaller batteries to allow you to kit out smaller vehicles, a specifically designed "small vehicle kit", and... dare I dream... lighting kits for 40mm models where the base is the battery itself???  

     If you're at Adepticon this weekend, look these guys up, and tell them LXG sent ya.  If not, then pledge in and help try to make this a reality.  

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