Sunday, April 14, 2013

Warzone: Resurrection clears the £130k Stretch!

The Warzone::Resurrection Kickstarter is down to a day to go, and has surpassed the £130k mark.  What does that mean for backers?  Where does that put us for Mishima?

      Okay.  This guy is what it means for backers right now- a limited edition Imperial Doomtrooper.  He might look like this guy where he's finished  or Prodos might "modify" his look a little bit.  The important thing is, he's coming with a long-range and a close combat set of arms, and he's the only bloody Imperial model you're going to get in this kickstarter.  Now, I'm not saying that it's a good idea to try to build a whole army of this guy, I'm just saying that somewhere out there (and probably in the UK) I can guarantee you there will be at least one backer playing a "counts as" skirmish list using nothing but this Blood Beret. Trust me, it'll happen.  This model is certain to look sweet.  

     Now, where does this leave Mishima?  Unless a lot of people do a lot of stumping and do it really, really fast... Mishima is going to have to wait.  Personally, if that happens, I don't want to hear a single Mishima player complain about it.  You guys had a chance to get your faction produced. You begged and pleaded Prodos to put it in the stretch goals, and they did.  To come up less than £10k short of that goal (if it goes) simply means that Mishimans didn't work hard enough for it- talking to other players at the FLGS, chatting up club mates, discussing the kickstarter on forums.  Wargaming is a community, and if you can't manage to pull together £10k from that community... you missed.

Image-240070-fullLet's look at why every Mishima fence-sitter should be pledged in, right now:
  • FREE PDF OF THE RULEBOOK: If you're going to be playing this game "at some point", you need a rulebook.  Even a small pledge gets you that!
  • KS SPECIAL PRICE ON THE HARDBOUND RULEBOOK:  You want to have the real deal and not a "Staples Special" of the rulebook?  Get it now, during the Kickstarter.  You save money, and you maybe get the Kickstarter close enough that other fence-sitters will pledge in hoping to make the difference up.
  • LIMITED EDITION, PLAYABLE MISHIMA DOOMTROOPER FIGURE:  Of all three, this is the big grabber, right here. It's a less than £4 model, people!
     I've got totally no sympathies for any Mishiman that complains later about how they don't have the LE figure form the Kickstarter that "didn't support their faction."  Because they'd have it backwards: They didn't support their faction.  £24 for the rulebook, Unlimited x£4-  £4- for a Mishiman Doomtrooper means every fan of the faction should have pledged for at least £28... and probably £36+ if you follow the Rule of Threes (One to paint, one to trade at some later point to someone who didn't pledge, and one to keep mint in packaging)

     In short, Ladies and Gentlemen, you're on the clock.  If you want Mishima, it's there for the taking, but you've got to go earn it.  Remember that Imperial player I mentioned that will be fielding an entire skirmish force of one Doomtrooper model?  Yeah, I'm suddenly not so sure that I'd see that from Mishima.  Time to prove me wrong guys.  Get in, and get other people in. Pledge up, and make this happen. You can't blame Prodos at this point if it doesn't happen.

See you on the other side of the table... but what will you be playing?

The Second Class Elitist 


  1. Yea good post, pledge on people. Btw I will get four armies to start with; Bauhaus, Cybertronic, Dark Legion and the Brotherhood. May up for an Mishima starter as well :D My total pledge so far is over £400 and I can't seem to stop luckily for my wallet the KS will soon, just hope we see Mishima as well before that.

    1. Thanks Johan! BTW, loving your coverage of this. I'm thinking when our stuff gets delivered, maybe you, me, Big Jim, Belgarath97, and Carlson should all do like a "Tale of Warzone Gamers" multi-blog series and paint our stuff up for the home audience?