Friday, April 26, 2013

Tablescapes... All the little things

As I write this Tablescapes, Secret Weapon’s modular table Kickstarter, approaches its next stretch goal.  So why do an article before they reach it, well there were a bunch of announcements for these tables that we just haven’t gotten to talk about.  So on to the tension clamps, storage tabs, and bags… oh my!

I don’t think I’ve covered this yet, but the solution Secret Weapon has for attaching all these 1’x1’ pieces is a really nice move.  Every corner of these tiles has a gap that looks something like a lolli-pop.  In this gap goes either an “X” or “V” shaped tension clamp.  Using the “X” shaped clamp keeps the interior corners of the tiles together, preventing them from shifting away from each other.  The “V” shaped ones are used on the outside edges of the tiles.  I’m fairly certain that this solution will prove more convenient and capable then the competition from other gaming companies.

The pictures to the left and right show the level of thought that has gone into these tiles.  The competition has a problem with the storage of their tiles.  If you aren’t careful the tiles will rub together while stored and rub the paint off.  Secret Weapon will ship their tile system with a set of these storage tabs, that will keep a safe gap between the tiles and prevent the paint rub off.  These tabs clamp into the same lolli-pop shaped corner gaps, so you know they are secure.  And as if that wasn’t enough, Secret Weapon has made sure they have the proper amount of space for their deeper tiles by creating 3 different sized tabs.

Last but not least, once the Kickstarter is done, Secret Weapon and Battlefoam have come together to create storage bags for each of the sets unlocked.  These bags will be customized to the correct size needed for each theme.  So themes like the open fields will require less space, and thus a smaller bag, than one like Scrap Yard or Trench Works (if we get there).  I imagine there will be addons for these as soon as pricing is finalized.  These bags will also be available after the Kickstarter ends from Battlefoam.

Ok, so there you have it, there is a lot more to these modular tables then just some cool tiles.  Secret Weapon has spent a good deal of time and effort to make sure that these tiles make a table you “want” to play on, while keeping them convenient.  Odinfellhammer, 2CE, and I are very excited to be a part of this project, and we were wondering… Why aren’t you?  Please leave comments below.  Until next time…



  1. I'm waiting for urban street to be unlocked and see what it's look like in reality. If I found that good, I buy a full set. but their prices are anyway very good.

    1. Phillippe, here is a link to 4 renders of the urban street tiles. And concept for the damaged tiles. Just in case you hadn't seen them.