Friday, May 29, 2015

Terrain Day and Final Results!!!

   Well, we've come to the end of painting week. Soon we shall all be wandering off our separate ways to create trouble elsewhere. But, before we go, I wanted to share with you the pics from Terrain Day and the final results of the official tally of the First (Annual) Painting week.
   Almost everyone was able to show up today to add in some lovely scatter terrain. Merrick gave us some awesome street lights, a fire hydrant, and that darling hot dog cart. From Second Class Elitist comes... all the stuff that's holding trash, and that cool little pod. TGC made the first of a set of really cool craters she found at AAA Hobbies on our morning excursion, and I made a few pieces of small sci-fi scatter as well as a large power conduit (that's going to power some other scatter terrain I haven't finished yet).

   ...But then I said, "Bah! Pittely stuff!" Look, scatter terrain is the spice of life, but you could be at it all year and not fill a table or get massive points to finish out Painting Week. So I decided to break out the big brushes and up the ante, and voila! Take a look at this big, beautiful hunk of Deadzone building!

   Boom! Instant 30 points. Well, okay, not instant, there are actually a lot of hours in that thing, all line shading and stuff. But boy is that a way to finish out a Paintcation! That oughtta throw me way out in the lead... or so you'd think...
   But, you'd be wrong, because then the Queen of Drybrushing walks in, yawns at me in that ho-hum tone of voice, and does this in about an hour and a half:

   Yup, that's about a hundred tiles of Dwarven Forge, folks. An entire limestone cavern, complete with nasty green muck. Gorgeous, isn't it?
   So that's how it's done, folks. That concludes today with Merrick showing up at the last minute for 4 points, 2CE completing a respectable 12, me finishing a whopping 40 points, and TGC waving her magic wand (read: drybrush) and turning out a truly spectacular 105 points- essentially, an entire table... that just has to get played on asap.

   So there you have it, folks. The final totals for the week are as follows (didn't I keep telling you TGC would pull a rabbit out of her hat at some point? You didn't believe me, did you?)

Belgarath 97- 1 point
Merrick- 4 points
Second Class Elitist- 46 points
Ali Alcatraz- 67 points
Token Gamer Chick- 126 points

For a club total for the week of 244 points! 

   Now that's how you knock off some points and get some models done! Good job all! I hope everyone had a wonderful Painting Week. There are, of course, many more wonderful minis to be done, as well as review articles to highlight some of the gems we painted this week, but I'd say we got a truly spectacular amount of work done, while still enjoying some shopping, grilling, gaming, and having an all-around good time. I hope you enjoying watching the shenanigans. Thank you to everyone who stopped by for Google Chat, and stay tuned for the Sunday news, coming to you early... like tomorrow, because we are almost all leaving for the weekend. Ta-ta!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

When rules go wrong

When rules go wrong.

If you are anything like me, first off I'm sorry, because that means you are a stickler for things making sense.  Especially in your rule books.  And it means you and other's like you are good at finding things in rule books that don't.  If you really are like me, again I'm sorry, but you have a friend or two that like pointing these things out to you and watching your head explode.  Well folks, get the duct tape ready to hold your head together, because 2CE found a dozy.  It comes from a game we've not talked about lately, but after a great trip to NY to play another club over Memorial Day, we'll probably be getting back into it.  The game is Dark Age, and the rule is as follows:

Ratchets can be fielded 6 for every 250  points you are playing, and cost 50 points each.

Gribbly Day update!

Well, we're coming down the home stretch now. Gribbly day was a smashing success, with none of the big three painters coming in at less than 10 points for the day. Here you'll see a nice smattering of models from all over. You've got a Counterblast Illyrian Scout Ship, acouple SDZA models, some more Pulp City, and one Death Kiwi by Alex Huntley that's going to be a special guest in one of my Malifaux squads.

Oh, and just in case you thought that finishing up that adorable little monkey was all TGC did yesterday... no, he just wouldn't fit in the picture:

For those of you keeping score, in these pictures you see 22 more points by 2CE, 11 points by TGC, and 12 more points by myself, bringing our totals to:

Second Class Elitist- 34 points
Ali Alcatraz- 27 points
Token Gamer Chick- 21 points

Now we enter our last theme day. You thought the points got big during gribbly day? Wait 'til you see what happens when we take on... Terrain Day!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pulp City day tally!

   We ran into a few delays yesterday, but we still have some Pulp City minis to show you. Second Class Elitist wanted to have his Way of the Fist and Blade team ready to take on Belgarath's Nature team. 2CE definitely won the painting part of the competition (especially since B97 forgot to bring the correct models), but his karate film stars were no match for B97's master list-building skills once they hit the table. But since this article is about what got done on painting day, here they are, dynamic bases and all. And on the right, a few members of my Bloodwatch team. More on that later, but their theme is centered around canines and New Orleans. They are excused from having their bases done because they were ordered and have not come in yet. The big white wolf is not an official Pulp City model, but he will count as Amok for the purposes of maintaining the visual theme for that squad.
   That means 6 more points for each of us. Token Gamer chick had one almost done, but she's going high details with it, so trust me, it will be worth the wait. Belgarath finished one, but it was not theme related, so it's not in the picture. However, that leaves the point totals as follows:

ALI- 15 points
2CE- 11 points
TGC- 10 points
B97- 1 point

   Now we move on to Gribbly Day, where the points start to get big, and TGC starts to show us who's boss. The rules of Gribbly Day are simple- anything on a 50mm base and up. But first, the Pulp City Day picture!

from Pulp City with love

Delayed SDZA Update!

Hi All!

   I just wanted to shoot you a quick update on our SDZA tallies. Token Gamer Chick went in and finished up her, uh, "winged dinosaur" today before she started Pulp City Day. That gives her a whopping 10 points (because he's about the size of a building), shooting her into the points lead for the week. Yeah. It's what she does.

TGC- 10 points
ALI- 9 points
2CE- 5 points

   And here he is! Don't worry, I'll make her put up a "One More for the Cabinet" article with the better rotating shot later. I just don't want to stop painting that long. Painting, eating, sleeping. That's it. And only because I start to get woozy if I don't do those last two.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Superhero Dinosaur Zombie Apocalypse Day Report

All right! So, SDZA Day ran about 3 days, but that's fair since there are three things to paint in that title. And here they are!!!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Happy Painting Week!

   All right, we're off! Before we really get rolling, I want to show you the project table real quick…

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Zombie of the Month- May 2015- Bones Zombies! By Reaper Miniatures

   If you watch our Sunday News regularly, you know that a little while ago we had this ginormous pile of Reaper Bones on the table when our Kickstarter pledges came in. (And, if you don't, you should. Seriously- I'm told those videos are highly amusing). Now, you know I couldn't sift through all of those minis without kidnapping some of them to turn them into a Zombie of the Month article!

The Zombie of the Month- May 2015- Bones Zombies! By Reaper Miniatures

Saturday, May 16, 2015

HELP, I need a paint scheme!

He's big, he's bad, he's beautiful, and...