Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pulp City day tally!

   We ran into a few delays yesterday, but we still have some Pulp City minis to show you. Second Class Elitist wanted to have his Way of the Fist and Blade team ready to take on Belgarath's Nature team. 2CE definitely won the painting part of the competition (especially since B97 forgot to bring the correct models), but his karate film stars were no match for B97's master list-building skills once they hit the table. But since this article is about what got done on painting day, here they are, dynamic bases and all. And on the right, a few members of my Bloodwatch team. More on that later, but their theme is centered around canines and New Orleans. They are excused from having their bases done because they were ordered and have not come in yet. The big white wolf is not an official Pulp City model, but he will count as Amok for the purposes of maintaining the visual theme for that squad.
   That means 6 more points for each of us. Token Gamer chick had one almost done, but she's going high details with it, so trust me, it will be worth the wait. Belgarath finished one, but it was not theme related, so it's not in the picture. However, that leaves the point totals as follows:

ALI- 15 points
2CE- 11 points
TGC- 10 points
B97- 1 point

   Now we move on to Gribbly Day, where the points start to get big, and TGC starts to show us who's boss. The rules of Gribbly Day are simple- anything on a 50mm base and up. But first, the Pulp City Day picture!

from Pulp City with love


  1. Nicely done by the LXG team. :)

    1. Thank you sir! More to come in the 6MMRPC as well. Time to rock the city N'orleans style...