Sunday, November 15, 2015

Post-Octopalypse Week 2: Double Trouble

   Yeah, I know, that wasn't creative at all. I just stole Second Class Elitist's week one title and changed the cliche reference. But at least it gives a degree of consistency.

   That's about where the commonality ends, though. No mutants here. This week, you have two very different but both incredibly awesome female apocalypse survivors, with their genetic stability apparently very much intact.

   First up, we have our official World's End Publishing model, the mascot of "This is Not a Test", our babe, Gas Mask Girl. She's been doin' this for a while. She knows not to walk through this area without her mask on. She knows to carry a spare gun, even if it's in pieces, along with some other useful things in her back sling. She knows how to use a machete- how can you not respect this girl? It's a beautiful model- great figure, great pose, great outfit, great addition to any of a variety of post-apocalyptic teams. The model was not made for a specific faction, either- you really could fit her into a variety of groups. I, personally, had a little bit of trouble painting the eyes- I wanted to actually paint them , but I could not get them even. There might be something about the sculpt that throws you off, so just be wary of that when painting her. Other than that, my color scheme was a little bit different than the official, for a color scheme that would go a tiny bit better with my tribals (and because I never use an official color scheme- we know this by now, right?

   For my other finished piece this week, as promised, I bring you the Ganger Badass from Bad Roll Games' "Punkapocalyptic". You will see more of those when we get the big order in, but we didn't want to make you wait, and I knew I'd want two of her anyway. For the first variation, I armed her with her crossbow, to make her fit better with my tribals, but I want another one eventually to equip her with the rifle instead, which is a gorgeous, streamlined look. In fact, the entire model is remarkably streamlined, for metal. It looks like the days of only being able to make chunky metal models is officially over. Look at those legs! Slender and well sculpted. I mean, sure, she looks like some post-apocalyptic cover girl, with the long torso, slender model look, but let's face it, in the apocalypse, thin is in. And it's well sculpted, with a greater than usual sense of realism, including the proportions. So, yeah, definitely check out these guys as well.

   So, unless 2CE snuck in a post of his own while I was writing this, I believe that brings our Post-Octopalypse total to 5 for the club for the first 2 weeks. See you Wednesday for more new works in progress! Yeah, I know, I have like 20 started and only 2 finished. Like I said, I'm mostly trying to play without gray soldier syndrome, and I still have to get you guys some zombie lovin' before the end of the month. Somebody else is bound to get finished.

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  1. Looking good. I want some of these badroll games figs when I get the cash there awesome. Gas Mask girl is an ace figure. Sculpted by Brother Vinni I have Anna the Bonecrusher a mean looking if butt naked female raider coming from him which will be my first from him. I do know what you mean about painting eyes I struggle with figures that wear brimmed hats and if an arm or weapon is blocking the the face slightly I think it alters my perception.