Friday, November 27, 2015

Post-Octopalypse week 4- Oh, Rats, the Boss is Coming

   Well, I promised you a grand finale, and here it is! A whopping 11 more models to finish off my Post-Octopalypse painting challenge, bringing my personal number to... A lot, and the club total to even more.

   First I'd like to introduce you to the rest of the Stormbringers. I am still hoping to give them all war paint, but they are done as far as anyone can tell (or if I start doing war paint and don't like it). The bone- clad chick on the left is from Another World Miniatures, and the models actual name is Maia. Really cool model, with just a hint of necromancy in it, so you know I had to fit her in there somewhere. And Bone accessories and armor is not unheard of in tribal North America. So, even though she's just a rank and file girl, I wanted to give her a personality, so I put her in all off-white, like a little post-apoc anti goth.
   The guy on the right will be serving as my Psyker. He's another Bones model. I already rolled for his psychic mutation, and it's a defensive one- he can create a 3" radius of heavy cover, which should be pretty useful. Oh, yeah, and MY Psyker uses a massive 2-handed staff for melee combat. And I think that's a flaming heart in his other hand ::lol:: Don't ask.
   And then there's my boss. A truly awesome model, this gal is Helle Moller from Hell Dorado. I have a couple models from that line that are filling in in different games. There are some truly awesome minis in that line. If you've never looked at them, you should. I've heard mixed reviews about the game, but I love a lot of the figures. Anyways, check out that big, scary bar mace. Yeah, that thing became an artifact when I started her- she is my war chief, after all. Her pose is great- she looks like one tough broad; she looks like she means it. She's confident and strong. I'm delighted to have her leading my team. And, yeah, you got me, there's a bit of influence from Tina Turner's character from Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome in there. That just makes her perfect- and did I mention frickin' awesome?

   ...And then there's the rats. One of the many delightful living terrain hazards you can roll to add to your game scenariosthi. Yeah, there's a bunch of those in the game- ridiculously cool. Anyways, these are the actual rad rats from World's End Publishing. There are 5 sculpts (you can, in fact, buy them in a pack of 5, or a swarm of 10), and they are just darling. If you like that sort of thing. Which I do. Five unique sculpts, with 5 unique mutations- multiple limbs, back spikes, there's a little something for everybody. Everybody who likes mutant rats, anyway. Yeah, you could just get any old rats to play the game, but don't you want the one with six legs? I know I do.
   Well, there you have it. This most likely concludes my Post-Octopalypse contributions, as there are only 3 days left in the month, and I have to go cook up a zombie of the month for you all. I'm sorry, should I not have mentioned "cook" and "mutant rats" in the same article? Too bad- this is the Apocalypse. More legs just means more meat, right?   ;)


  1. Lovely work dudette! The rats are really cool, but I love your bone clad chick!