Sunday, November 22, 2015

Post-Octopalypse Week 3: The Coming Storm

   Well, it's the end of the third week of our Post-Octopalypse, and considering I was only expecting to get everybody to "table-ready", I am very pleased to report that I got enough figures to that stage to feel safe bringing you FIVE completely done minis this week, all for my "This is Not a Test" Tribals- which are called the Stormbringers, hence the article title, in case you were wondering.

 So, this first set here are all ones I snagged from our Reaper Bones tote, so I don't really know their names exactly, but you can always look through Reaper Bones to find them- there's only a couple hundred to check through ::lol:: No set of primitives would be complete, of course, without the Conan lookalike wearing nothing but a loin cloth. This guy adds a pretty badass helmet to protect his important parts, which is so obviously his brain ::sarcasm::. And, of course, a good battle ax is so much more impressive than a simple sword. Frankly, it's probably a more useful tool to boot. I think I would rather have an ax during an apocalypse than a sword. But now I'm getting too technical. It was really about going through the mountain of metal and going "Gee, what can I pull out that will reasonably fit with my theme?" And this guy definitely fits.
   Now, when I was growing up, the early Mad Max movies were big, so for me, a post-apoc set of characters is also not complete without a kid. Ok, sure, this isn't really a kid- she seems to have a rather developed chest for her height, but that's only because the figure itself was actually not supposed to be human. She's supposed to be some kind of halfling or something. but she has the small frame and large head of a child. I guess, with how easy Bones is to carve, I could have flattened the chest a little, but her torso is already so tiny, and I think you still get the idea. Anyway, she is really well equipped for a post-apoc tribal, and I just had to have her in there.
   Oh, yeah, and the third one is a big, scary spider. So begins the adding of rad-totems to my force, 'cause I am so maximizing the pets. And, you know, spiders are scary.

   The second set are a fun pair of metal ladies. The one on your left is Kali, from RAFM's USX: Modern Day Heroes. Yeah, ok, that's a big gun for a Tribal, but you use what you can find, and she's a Tribal Representative, so she's allowed to have some bigger stuff.
   Unfortunately, I have no idea who the second girl is. Stupid me threw out her package prematurely, and no one can remember. I thought she was an "Amazon with Spear," but that search did not turn up any matches, so I might be wrong, and without remembering the maker, odds of finding her name are slim, so if anyone remembers, please let me know. But she's cool, and I decided to go a counter-intuitive direction with her coloring, and made her the pasty-white blonde chick of the bunch, where most of my tribals are fairly well tanned. I kinda feel like she was some spoiled rich girl before the apocalypse, and now she's tied up her long blonde hair in war ponytails and "gone native", so to speak. Honestly, I'm not even sure I know what that expression means, but in TNT, it means that you became a Tribal ::lol::, because that's exactly the fluff of the faction.
  So, there you have it, my completed models for this week. I think that brings my total for the Post-Octopalypse to 5, and our club total to 7. Since I still have a lot of models half done, and have some nice, simple rats to do, I'm really hoping to blow that number out of the water next week, After all, this is America, and I get a day off this week! Nah, I don't need to visit or anything. I can paint ::lol::

Until next time, mortals!


  1. Marvellous work, Perhaps the final mysterious lady is Celtos or similar as it has that sort of style to it.

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