Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Ali's Post-Octopalyse week 1 WIP Wednesday!

   Ok, so, I figured WIP Wednesday was a good way to show off my post-Octopalypse work. Especially considering I expect to start a lot more than I finish this month. Thing is, we are planning to play both Dark Age and This is Not a Test here in the old headquarters, and I have bupkis for both. And if there's one thing Second Class Elitist hates, it's gray soldier syndrome. And I'm not crazy about it myself. That being said, I'm not exactly playing high equipment lists in either game, so I need a LOT of models for both.

   I'm not that fast. As you saw last month, I can finish one or two models a week, tops, if I do them start to finish. It doesn't matter how many models I need. That's my pace. Period. So, I need an alternate plan to avoid playing with unpainted models.

   So here's my plan. I'm going to start by getting everybody table ready. Good old fashioned "basecoated in 3 colors, details exempt, base addressed" style. Across the board, all 2-3 dozen I need to get through a campaign-length ordeal. Then I'll go back in and build them up as I get a chance.

   I was really hoping to show you both my starter squad for Dark Age and my initial force for TNT, but that was not to be. The tardiness begins already. At any rate, I at least got started on Dark Age. I'm happy with the Coils for now, but I'm going to do a lot more guilding on Michael this weekend before I feel he's ready enough to move on. By the way,yes, that ruddy brown is the primer- we were short on the usual black and white, and I thought the reddish brown would go well with, well, frankly, any post-apoc. I'll explain my color scheme when I get a little further along.

   So there it is. Next week- the beginning of Tribals, promise!


  1. Ink was or dip and they are done.

  2. A block colour and wash is all mine ever get dudette, I'd never finish anything otherwise!