Saturday, October 31, 2015

Zombie of the Month- October 2015- Mindless Zombies by Wyrd Miniatures

   Well, you have seen them appearing in drips and drabs all month long for my Zombtober articles, but that's no reason for them not to get their own, bona fide Zombie of the Month Article. So here they are, all together for the first time, like a little zombie family.

Zombie of the Month- October 2015- Mindless Zombies by Wyrd Miniatures

Friday, October 23, 2015

Zomtober 2015 Week 4- Cleaning up?

   Well, well, well, here we are, at the fourth and final week of Zomtober 2015, or Zomtober IV,
whichever way you are counting. It feels a little wierd having more than a week of Octoober left and putting up my final post for Zomtober, but that's the way the schedule worked out this year. More zombies might still happen as a matter of principle, but I guess I should take advantage of the opportunity to finish some other things that are due for all these commissios and contests I got myself into ::lol::. I need to plan better next year. Anyways, here they are, my last two official zombies for this Zomtober- well, the last two I can show you right now. I give you my word my zombie Hare Krishna is also done, but we don't want you to know which one belongs to whom until after the voting, so I'm not showing you right now. But for the record, that makes my personal official Zomtober total 9- two per week, plus a Hare Krishna. Oh, and one of those was on a 50mm base, to boot.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Zomtober Week 3 from Ali

Well, another week has come and gone, and due to a ridiculous case of road rash on my palms from a running accident, I have been fairly useless. Fortunately I had just enough dexterity to grasp a brush, so I was still able to eek out a couple zombies. No, that misspelling was intentional; don't correct it.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Zomtober Week 2- Ali Alcatraz

   All right, folks, nothing unpredictable this week. I was able to finish two more zombies from the Malifaux Mindless Zombies set. These are both awesome characters- one obviously working the railroad or something and a girl that had a nasty run-in with an archer. I decided to start playing around with skintones. After all, what better time to experiment than on a couple of random zombies. And besides, Second Class Elitist loves layered washes and paint schemes, so I figured they'd go well with the Resurrectionist force he's making.

   So, for the girl, I went with a mix of blue and skintone paints, washed over with a wash of equal parts Army Painter Green Tone and Strong Tone, for that fetid remains look.
   The guy is using that obnoxiously pink Army Painter Barbarian Flesh, washed over with the Green Tone and THEN the Strong Tone, to give a two layered toning effect.

   Stay tuned next week, when I promise you some Pulp City, and possibly a Malifaux Substitute. I'm almost done with the Mindless Zombies box, anyhow. Don't worry, they will all come back for their own Zombie of the month article.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Ali's Zomtober Zombie #2!

Ok, so, I didn't want to just do the minimum, so here's a second zombie for week 1. It is another from the Malifaux Mindless Zombies set. Obviously, I am hoping to finish the box this month (I have way too many Malifaux models on the board). Nice box. Nice basic zombies. More next week!

Zombtober- Zombie Stripper!

Not to be outdone, here's my offering for the first week of Zombtober: the Zombie Stripper from Studio Miniatures. 

Belgarath97's zomtober survivor

So here is this week's model, as promised in the sunday news.  She's a model from z clips, based on Maggie from the walking dead.  I really liked the character of the model, but couldn't find a reference with her wearing a tac vest and long sleeves.  So I went with a combination of one of my favorite pictures of her and one with her wearing a tac vest.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

I win!

OK, here it is, my first official zombie for Zomtober! I got mine up first in my club, so that means I win, right?

Wait, we weren't competing to put ours up first? You know, from the Sunday news? Belgarath's survivor? 2CE's stripper zombie? Oh, well. That still means I'm on a good pace for the month, right?

You guy's comin'?  ;)

I should shut up before Second Class Elitist puts up a dozen of them just to show me up. Back to painting!!!