Sunday, October 18, 2015

Zomtober Week 3 from Ali

Well, another week has come and gone, and due to a ridiculous case of road rash on my palms from a running accident, I have been fairly useless. Fortunately I had just enough dexterity to grasp a brush, so I was still able to eek out a couple zombies. No, that misspelling was intentional; don't correct it.

   Anyways, this week, as promised, I have some Pulp City for you this week. She's a terrifying, twisted abomination of a once great heroine, taken by the Necroplane and turned into a horrible undead reflection of her former self. She is now known as Wonder Wight, and death befalls those who cross her path.
   This is a new Pulp City character, from the big Supreme Edition Kickstarter last year. I was very excited to get her in our draft, and Zomtober was an excellent excuse to finally get to painting some of my Necroplane. Even though the game does not specifically mention zombies, it's pretty obvious that's the general idea they are getting at, since the forces of the Necroplane defeat heroes and then bring them back as villains.
   I really wanted to bring out the comic book element in my Necroplane squad, so I chose a cliche Halloween color scheme, and used a rather flat style with sparing line highlights and dark shadows just in the deepest creases like outlines. By happy coincidence, the color scheme gave me the opportunity to do something else I thought would be cool- paint my zombies in the opposite of their living counterparts. Think about it- the green in her bodice and boots is the opposite of the un-Wonder Woman she clearly represents, the white hair the opposite of black (and a pun on wight), and the purple on the bracers and the top of the bodice reflects the yellow that would represent gold in a comic book. The fluorescent green, the only deviation from the comic book color scheme, will be the juice powering my Necroplane, hence its presence in her eyes and bubbling up from the void beneath. Those black rocks are the new Chaos base inserts from Micro Art Studio.
   Up next we have Oni Sumo from Okko Miniatures, who will be serving as Killjoy for my Malifaux forces. The base colors and base choice used are a combination of the ones I used for my Nephilim, and those used in my Yan Lo team, so that it reflects my Neverborn, and is appropriate to serve with Yan Lo. The skintone looks a little different form the rest of my Nephilim because it's a little grayed out, to show his undeadness. It's not very gray, I know, but the original color is incredibly strong and dark. The base is a 50mm Secret Weapon Asian Garden 03 base. Again, Killjoy is not officially a zombie, but he is officially undead. And if you've ever seen the real Killjoy... you kinda hope he's a zombie, right? What other excuse does he have for being that ugly?
   All right, that's all for this week. Stay tuned for the wrap-up next week. Expected guests? The last of the Malifaux zombies, a zombie baby, and maybe others!



  1. These look both amazing! Your wonder-wight looks very different from the studio scheme, well done!

  2. Both excellent work. Kudos Ali. :)

    Always a pleasure to see a Pulp City mini. :)

  3. Beautiful work dudette! Take care of those hands now.

  4. Outstanding job on the oni in particular.

  5. Thanks guys! Yeah, this road rash is serious business- SO slow to heal! Thank goodness the fingers are good. Must...paint...more...zombies! Glad you enjoyed!!!

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