Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Roll of Fear

     In Spinespur, fear is a tangeable property that can have game-changing effects. Unlike many other games in which your models when affected by fear turn and flee or leave the battlefield entirely.  In Spinespur, Fear becomes a commodity in battle use can use against your opponents.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spinespur Contest Update #2

     So I've gotten a little work done on the contest models.  While I'm excited to  show that off, I mostly wanted to give slightly better pictures of the models options, as not everyone is familiar with the range yet, and might not have seen my reviews of them here and here.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Holy Crap, what have we done???

     Belgarath97, TokenGamerChic, and I were just discussing this the other day, so I figured it was worth putting up here. Now, B97's been all but hyperventilating at the rapid success our little corner of the internet has become. While I knew that there was a market for a wide-spectrum blog produced (in my opinion) in a high-quality way, even I have to admit I'm a bit taken aback by where some of our hits are coming from!

Extreme Makeover: Warzone Edition! (Part 3- Cybertronic)

     While we (impatiently) wait for the launch of Warzone: Ressurection from Prodos, I thought I'd showcase a few of their new sculpts vs. the old ones, just to highlight some of the differences between the now nearly two decades old handsculpted models, and the brand new digitally sculpted kits being produced. So, let's get on with

Extreme Makeover: Warzone Edition! Part Three- Cybertronic!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

An Introduction to Beyond the Gates of Antares

... Or Rick Priestley please take my money!

For those of you who know about this game, great!  But far to many of us gamers aren't aware of this game, and we need to be.  Beyond the Gates of Antares is a squad based Sci-fi game.  It's been in the development phase for some time (years if you ask Rick).  And in all honesty, when I began my search for some new alternatives to the big games out there, this is the one I wanted to play.

Warzone Resurrection Surpasses £90K, Prodos Consolidates Backer Rewards

     Warzone: Resurrection punches through yet another stretch goal for their kickstarter, unlocking five more units to be produced at release! Additionally, the guys at Prodos organized the backer rewards all into one convenient chart, and all the model options available in the line thus far into another. Let's see what this means to you as a backer!

Spinespur Kickstarter Contest Update #1

Just some of our beautiful and disturbing models.

     Alright everyone, I just received the prize models from Bob. As luck would have it, we have a bit of an added surprise.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Another look at Dark Age

Below is an article by a new guest authoer, Cdodson.  It is a great review of the Dark Age Apocolypse rules and mechanics, which received praise from the infamous Mr. Black (the DA rules guru).  Please read, and if you like it, leave a comment.  Hope you enjoy! - LXG

Dark Age Apocalypse is a skirmish style miniature game whose setting is the planet of Samaria, a dark post apocalyptic world suffering from the remains of the disintegration of organized corporate activity involving biological and chemical experimentation. Though the corporations have long since left the planet, centuries later the fallout has lead to a wide range of inhabitants. Amongst the factions are settlements of survivors attempting to maintain some semblance of civility (the Forsaken), renegade wasteland wanderers (the Outcasts), cults of mutants twisted by the secrets discovered in forgotten labs (the Skarrd), bio chemical life forms who emerged from the waste of corporate genetic experiments (the Brood) and even the appearance of the original race who inhabited the planet prior to its corporate exploitation (the Dragyri).

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Goblin Aid Progress Update

     So, I just wanted to take a minute to make everyone aware of all the hard work Ian and Dags have put in trying to organize support for Kev "Goblinmaster" Adams. There's a good amount of information ready, so it's time to relay where everything's at.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Dropzone Commander: Wait it doesn't have to be 28mm?

Ok, first off let me appologize.  I told you all this would be up on Saturday.  Well, that was before 3 separate infections settled into the mucus centers of my body.  That's a respiratory and sinus infection, oh and my favorite pink-eye, for those of you keeping score at home.  But enough with my excuses, today I'm going to give you all a little more in-depth look into the game, by Hawk Wargames, called Dropzone Commander.

Spinespur Kickstarter Contest!

Thug blister pack (4 models)
     Okay ladies and gents, time for our first official Contest! For this one, we've teamed up with Bob Mervine of Comfy Chair Games to bring you an awesome opportunity- 8 painted thugs and 2 big characters!!!

Extreme Makeover: Warzone Edition! (Part 2- Bauhaus)

     While we (impatiently) wait for the launch of Warzone: Ressurection from Prodos, I thought I'd showcase a few of their new sculpts vs. the old ones, just to highlight some of the differences between the now nearly two decades old handsculpted models, and the brand new digitally sculpted kits being produced. So, let's get on with

Extreme Makeover: Warzone Edition! Part Two- BAUHAUS!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Model Review: Spinspur Thugs Revisited

     Okay, so I did a model review here on the Spinespur thugs, Dr Akron, and Pigskin. In it I gave a fairly  accurate critique of the bare models, and rated the thugs a 3 out of 5. I'm going to recant on that and now having painted them, change that a bit...

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Kickwatcher- Prodos announces more Stretch!

     With Warzone: Ressurection quickly outpacing the stretch goal that had been established, Prodos has added new ones... including ANOTHER FACTION!

Kickwatcher: MDF Terrain Kickstarter!

     Alright, so now that you've got all your prettily painted soldierdolls ready to go, what are you gonna use for cover? Old textbooks and beer cans? You want some knockout table kit that stands up and compliments your knockout army. What you want is the new kickstarter from Commission Figurines.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Goblin Aid: Help Kev Adams

     So, this isn't shiny happy hobby news like we prefer to report, but this has to go out to gamers everywhere.

     On Wednesday March 20th, Kevin "the Goblinmaster" Adams was the victim of a home invasion. Attacked by knife wielding assailants, Kev was injured but thankfully survived.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

An introduction to Dropzone Commander

Last year, while I perused my usual forums for Wargming news, I stumbled upon a game that was causing quite a stir in the community.  The company, Hawk Wargames, had just attended Salute 2012 and pretty much stolen the show with a new game called Dropzone Commander.  Here is a video covering their huge impact.

Kickwatcher: Warzone Resurrection passes £85K mark!

     Prodos' inaugural release continues unabated with the force of will of an Inquisitor. Warzone: Resurrection has now topped  £85K. Let's take a moment to examine what that means to you, the Wargamer. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blood in the Streets!

     It's time for some good old fashioned gang violence. The Second Class Elitist and TokenGamerChic  get stuck in for our first ever LXG Battle Report... Spinespur style!

Tim Lyson Hates Me (or the Painting Blog)

Hello, this is the first installment a new Painting blog for the League of Extraordinary Gamers. This article series will feature techniques, and musings about the dreaded aspect (for most) of war gaming or roleplaying games, painting your models.

Kickwatcher: Warzone Resurrection clears £80K!

     Wasn't it just yesterday I was reporting that the Warzone Resurrection kickstarter had broken £75K.  It seems like the diesel engines are finally firing on all cylinders!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fields of War: Introduction to a DIY Table

     With LXG having so much interest in smaller skirmish style games of late, I've decided it's time to build a new table. Fields of War will by my chronicle of my building a 4x8 DIY modular urban sprawl table, with enough notes and how-to's for you to follow along making one of your own if you'd like. With some step-by-step instructions, anyone can make an amazing tabletop!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Kickwatcher: Warzone Resurrection clears £75K, PRODOS GIVES AWAY FREE STUFF!

 Let's all take a moment to congratulate Prodos for hitting their £75K stretch goal!

How to Make Wargames Terrain

Recently I learned that one of the greatest resources available to us hobbyists had been removed from the market.  For those of you who don't know of what I speak, I am referring to the GW book "How to Make Wargames Terrain".  This resource was a godsend to those of us who got into the hobby without a solid group to lean on.  It gave us a chance to have a great table to play on, one which we could be proud of, and not using books to represent hills.  Sadly GW has discontinued it's sale, but if you can still get your hands on a copy it's well worth it.

The main reason I can see for it's discontinued sale is that GW has a lot more terrain for sale now then when they first published the book, thus they must feel the book competes with the premade stuff, and I guess it does to an extent.  However the information is out there for those of us who know where to look and I'm going to highlight a few of the sources I think are worth looking into.

Extreme Makeover: Warzone Edition! (Part One- The Dark Legion)

Extreme Makeover: Warzone Edition!
     While we (impatiently) wait for the launch of Warzone: Ressurection from Prodos, I thought I'd showcase a few of their new sculpts vs. the old ones, just to highlight some of the differences between the now nearly two decades old handsculpted models, and the brand new digitally sculpted kits being produced. So, let's get on with Extreme Makeover: Warzone Edition!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

A New Look...

So I have been diligently at work trying to make our blog here look pretty.  I think I have gotten a good look going here, but honestly, only you can answer that truthfully.

So please take a few moments and look us over, then post comments below on what you like or don't about the changes.

I would really appreciate it...


An Introduction to Dark Ages

So, my blogmate Belgarath97 talked me into trying Dark Age. To be fair, it didn't take a lot of convincing

First of all, the model line for Dark Age is based on the work of Brom. For those of you who don't know, Brom has been a central figure in the art and illustration of RPGs for a couple of decades: D&D 2nd & 3rd, Deadlands, and many other projects. Somebody got the crazy Idea to build a storyline around his works, and set it in a post-apocalyptic setting- all in all, not a bad choice.

Model Revue- Spinespur Thugs, Pigskin, & Dr. Akron

     So, I got a hold of some Spinespur minis- just enough for now to demo the game, and have either 2 small-sized gangs, or one decent sized one of them. 

     I intend to play The Institution, so picking up Dr. Akron was an obvious choice to start- who doesn't want to play a deranged mad scientist?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Kickwatcher: Kickstarter Update for Spinespur!

Spinespur Kickstarter clears $10,000 Stretch Goal!!!

     Let's all take a moment to congratulate Comfy Chair Games for hitting their $10K stretch goal! That's a FREE MODEL for all backers of $38 and up, and "beta" rules for Street Chum, the campaign and advancement rules for Spinespur! If you're under that, it's time to bump up your pledge. If you haven't pledged yet... get to it! These horrors can't terrorize themselves you know!!! Next stretch goal is a measley $3K away, with another free model for all backers at the "sweet spot" of $65 or more. Don't miss out on this one!!!

What do you look for in a game?

I thought for today we might all discuss a little about how we each view the hobby. 

What do you look for in a game?

     Specifically, what in a project makes you stop and take notice? Is it the back story? Is it a games competitive arena? The sculpts themselves? A certain genre?

Friday, March 15, 2013

Kickwatcher: Welcome to the Warzone!

      Hello readers! Welcome to today's installment!

     I want to introduce you to a game who's history is near and dear to my heart. If you'll allow a moment of fanboyish glee... WELCOME TO THE WARZONE!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Journey into Dark Age: The beginning

Back in August, I found myself at the greatest gaming convention in America, GenCon.  Among the hundreds and hundreds of games available for play and perusal I found myself at a 2'x2' demo table for a skirmish game set in a futuristic apocalypse world, called Dark Age.  Never one to turn down a demo of a game I've never played before, the friend I was with and I set about killing each other.

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Belgarath97.  As my compatriot, Second Class Elitist (2CE), has already said I've been in this hobby for about a decade and am an ex-GW staffer.  And as he has already said, we have decided to embark on a grand journey, into the rabbit hole if it were.  We are adding our voice to the multitude of voices on the internet.  2CE covered a lot of the what and how, so I thought I'd spend a minute on the why.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kickwatcher: Something's movin' in the Shadows!

     Okay, so today's installment is a local story, a classic Philadelphia-style tale of triumph over adversity. 

     Alright... maybe not as classic as Rocky. Sit down, enjoy your cheesesteak provolone wit, and keep reading anyway.

Welcome my friends, to the show that never ends.

     Hello, and welcome to our Blog! I’m the Second Class Elitist, and I thought we’d tackle some of the more pressing issues in gaming today. Let’s start with the first question you asked yourself as you were clicking here...