Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kickwatcher: Warzone Resurrection passes £85K mark!

     Prodos' inaugural release continues unabated with the force of will of an Inquisitor. Warzone: Resurrection has now topped  £85K. Let's take a moment to examine what that means to you, the Wargamer. 

     Hitting this stretch goal mean that, if you played Capitol, you just acquired access to a fundamental character in the backstory- a powerful individual with games changing abilities. If you don't play Capitol, the prices for your add-ons just went down, meaning the money you already planned on sending is worth more, as well as any other money you kick in at this point.

 £90K has literally something for everyone: A new unit released for each faction, and another -£1 from RPP!

  • Hoarders- More stuff for the same money
  • Single Faction Fans- another unit
  • "Collect and Painters"- five units
  • Hardcore tactical players- another strategic specialized element in your arsenal
  • Fluff players/MC fanatics- fire more units of what you know reimagined

     Also, should the Kickstarter make the  £90K goal, that will mean that Prodos will be releasing a total of at least 38 new products (not including the KS-only conversion packs or Doom Trooper model). That my friends is a serious, serious launch! Prodos is positioning themselves to be a major contender in the wargaming industry, and you want to get in on the ground floor of this.

     Simply put, if you haven't done so yet, support the kickstarter. If you still need a bit of convincing as to why, read my thoughts on it here

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