Friday, March 29, 2013

Holy Crap, what have we done???

     Belgarath97, TokenGamerChic, and I were just discussing this the other day, so I figured it was worth putting up here. Now, B97's been all but hyperventilating at the rapid success our little corner of the internet has become. While I knew that there was a market for a wide-spectrum blog produced (in my opinion) in a high-quality way, even I have to admit I'm a bit taken aback by where some of our hits are coming from!

     Sure, sure, we all knew that the USA would rank tops in our hits- kinda makes sense, that's where we're from, where our families, friends, and people bribed to read the blog all live. Canada, UK,  Australia, and New Zealand I also expected would be solid- I still have a lot of connections in these parts of the world from various TTG/RPG properties I've worked on/with/for over the years. [Ahh, Avalon Hill's RPG Division, may you forever rest in peace my friend.] Germany I thought might come along for the ride, due to US military presences I know there and the fact that the German gaming scene, to me, has always been underrated.

     Okay, that's where expectations end and the insane ride begins! Netherlands, Serbia, Malaysia and Swizterland? Bahrain, Thailand, Slovakia and Brasil?   The Czech Republic, Russia, Belgium and China? Turkey and Greece? Hey, how's the weather over in Denmark and Singapore? We've got a growing reader base in France and the United Arab Emirates! Spain and Poland are coming in loud and clear!

     Do me a favor? Take a moment, comment on where you're from and how you got here? I'd love to read them! For us, you guys being here justifies the work we put into this, and helps me maintain my belief that this  Hobby we all share and love hasn't completely devolved into screaming self-absorbed masses of fanboyish internet wackos hoarding soldierdolls in their mother's basements.

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  1. Weirdest location I've gotten on my gaming blog: Cyprus. No idea who it is, but I got five hits from that tiny island.