Friday, March 15, 2013

Kickwatcher: Welcome to the Warzone!

      Hello readers! Welcome to today's installment!

     I want to introduce you to a game who's history is near and dear to my heart. If you'll allow a moment of fanboyish glee... WELCOME TO THE WARZONE!


     For those of you not quite up on your "heretical texts" of scifi games, way back before the Dawn of Time (commonly known as the mid '90's) there was a TTG based on Mutant Chronicles, called Warzone. It was immensely popular, yet due to financial problems with the parent company of the producer, it went under. Several reiterations have occurred over the last 15+ years, with varying degrees of success before their eventual demise. (There was even a fairly low-budget movie using the IP... sorta.)

     Along comes 2013, and a new player in the industry emerges from the wastelands.  Prodos.  They brought with them a kickstarter, a flair for nostalgia, and some shiny 21st century 3D renders.

     So, I'm not going to sell you on the idea that Mutant Chronicles (and thus, Warzone: Ressurection) has some of the best, in-depth history of any game on the market.  I'm not gonna sell you on the idea that this is a skirmish game with a revolutionary new game mechanic.  I'm not going to sell you on the fact that they have produced no less than 12 different unit boxes, 6 armor units/big walkers, and 13 character models ready for production at release- and this is assuming (which won't happen) that they don't hit their 80K stretch goal and add an entire 5th faction at release!  As amazing as all that is, good readers, those are not the best reasons to support this game.

     Prodos....Prodos actually listens to us.

 Prodos' forums are a combustible combination of old cagey fanbois wanting a Franksteinian return of former renditions of the game, ultra-modern gamers wanting super-rich new game mechanics, and "soldier hoarders" looking for cheap alternatives for Cultists and Guardsmen.  (for the record: i'm a bit of all three, I'll admit it.)  Somehow, Mike, Jarek, and company manage to keep juggling all of that to blend models that the majority are pleased with. When was the last time a gaming company voluntarily re-rendered a unit TWICE because their customer base was unhappy?   The rules are in beta testing, downloadable for free. Gamers at large respond with gameplay feedback, and new versions of the rules are being modified by their findings.  Yes, good readers- you help to shape the battlefield with Prodos!

     Now, that's not to say Prodos has become totally wishy-washy, either.  There's an old adage in the industry, and invariably it holds true: "Don't run your company by committee.  One person makes the decisions. Make the game you want to play, and people will come play it with you."  Prodos has done just that. For not "pin up rendering" the Bauhaus character Angelika, to refusing to not "pin up render" the Brother Blessed Vestel Laura, to responding to people who hate their card mechanic, Prodos has demonstrated a well  developed "bend but don't break" mentality. This means that while we as the Gamer Community will have a voice in the game, Prodos will maintain a solid direction for the product.

     Don't take my word for it though. Hit up the kickstarter, and drop some drachmas on a solid, worthy product. If you want a game with a metric ton of backstory, this is for you. If you want ultra-modern cutting edge models, this is for you. If you want a game with enough popularity to get in games at your FLGS, this is for you. If you want the Industry to once again have companies that look as us as fellow hobbyists/gamers instead of sheeple made out of currency, then you better bloody well support these guys. Who knows, maybe you'll even get to beat me in a game sometime.

The Second Class Elitist.

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  1. Can't say any better. As a backer since the first day, die-hard fan of the universel, 20 years of gaming I must say that it's one of the few time that a company is so close of its base yet keep its mind of the game. It takes about one week and multiple modelling to make Bauhaus hussards that please everyone.
    The community is growing too, rather open minded although sometime loud. So come to our side, we have not only cookies but french wine ans belgium beers toi ;)