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Extreme Makeover: Warzone Edition! (Part 3- Cybertronic)

     While we (impatiently) wait for the launch of Warzone: Ressurection from Prodos, I thought I'd showcase a few of their new sculpts vs. the old ones, just to highlight some of the differences between the now nearly two decades old handsculpted models, and the brand new digitally sculpted kits being produced. So, let's get on with

Extreme Makeover: Warzone Edition! Part Three- Cybertronic!

     Official Disclaimer: In an attempt to not show the previous edition in a negative light (it was fairly ground-breaking in its day) I have tried to compile the best images of the old models I could find. I'm sure somebody has better looking in their collections, but I did my best. In contrast, most of the new images you'll be looking at are not models, they are the 3d Renders the models will be crafted from. For those not familiar with the rendering process, the final products will look identical to the Renders, unless the sculptor decides to change the poses slightly. 

     If you missed them please also check out EM:WZR Edition Dark Legion and Bauhaus.

     Cybertronic is perhaps best seen as an upstart MegaCorporation made up of several small independant companies that managed to secretly combine their powerbase, infiltrate the four MegaCorps, steal away some of their most talented (but also most disenfranchised) workers, and enacting their plans to enter the economic spectrum with precision and lightning speed. What Cybertronic lacks in numbers and economic/military power, they make up for in planning and swift aggression. In gameplay, this element comes through- Cybertronic has the highest technology, and some of the best units... but their numbers are limited.  Solid strategies and deployment can lead to crushing victories, but mistakes in those areas quickly lead to crushing defeats.

     The Chasseur is the workhorse of the Cybertronic military. Enhanced troopers with weapons on the technilogical level usually reserved for elites, Chasseurs strike fear into their enemy. Often using rapid deployment in the field, they're designed to hit hard, hit fast, and get out before reinforcements show up. The update to these models is simply sick- they were in fact one of the first units pictured by Prodos, predating even the kickstarter. Good choice- these are excellent. 

     Cuirassiers represent the extreme of Cybertronic "mechanical enhancement" of soldiers, as all that remains of their humanity is a (mostly) human brain, and even that is not free from modifications.The Cuirassier name is derived from the concept that the Cuirassier brain may "wear" one of many different robot bodies.  The brain/computer hybrid that controls a Cuirassier's systems is packaged into a small, egg-shaped pod that is capable of surviving for extended periods (days, weeks, even months) without being connected to external life support, by means of going into a state of "hibernation".  Cuirassiers' metal bodies are sometimes covered with synthetic skin, to make them look more human -- anyone who knows what to look for can pick out a Cuirassier so disguised by his perpetual, idiot grin, and various other telltale signs. 

     The armored unit of the Cybertronic army is the Eradicator. This heavily armored walker is piloted by a Cuirassier (or, his brain anyway... the brain/computer hybrid's housing is removed and placed in the Eradicator.  Limited in number, the Eradicators are multipurpose, multi-terrain monstrosities capable of taking out infantry and armor alike. As you can see, little was done to this particular element, aside from giving the "death egg" (as players often referred to them) a more shark like appearance. 

     The Scorpion is another Cuirassier variant, though it bears some faint superficial resemblance to the Attila body series. It's structurally and internally quite different, though it's still ultimately controlled by the same internal Cuirassier "egg". The Scorpion has a vaguely humanoid body, but with powerful, digitigrade legs with clawed feet, and a "tail" that ends in a gun (hence the name). The Scorpion is capable of leaping over large obstacles and climbing sheer surfaces, and is designed wholly for combat duty, not for making nice impressions on civilians, and it's quite beyond any hope of disguising as human with a bit of synthskin.  Obviously, this miniature has seen a complete change from the original release, which has caused some derision amongst the fanbase. However, I feel the new figure more aptly matches the original backstory elements as written above. 

     If you want a rundown of reasons to support this Kickstarter, go read this really quickly. If you're already pledged, discuss why below!

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  1. I feel that Prodos has really given Cybertronic a solidified look which is something that they have Never had. The updates are almost perfect if the Chasseurs get updated to the standard cybertronic assault rifles.