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Extreme Makeover: Warzone Edition! (Part 2- Bauhaus)

     While we (impatiently) wait for the launch of Warzone: Ressurection from Prodos, I thought I'd showcase a few of their new sculpts vs. the old ones, just to highlight some of the differences between the now nearly two decades old handsculpted models, and the brand new digitally sculpted kits being produced. So, let's get on with

Extreme Makeover: Warzone Edition! Part Two- BAUHAUS!

     Official Disclaimer: In an attempt to not show the previous edition in a negative light (it was fairly ground-breaking in its day) I have tried to compile the best images of the old models I could find. I'm sure somebody has better looking in their collections, but I did my best. In contrast, most of the new images you'll be looking at are not models, they are the 3d Renders the models will be crafted from. For those not familiar with the rendering process, the final products will look identical to the Renders, unless the sculptor decides to change the poses slightly. 

     If you missed EM:WZR Edition Dark Legion, you can catch the rerun here.

     Bauhaus is one of the Mega Corporations in the Mutant Chronicles setting. They are a major player in the operations within the Solar System. They have a reputation for quality, and as such their units generally have better quality gear. Depending on which edition of the Mutant Chronicles universe you go with, their either based on Continental Europe in general, or an Austrian/Prussian feel directly. They have always been one of the more popular factions with a wide variety of units.

     The Hussars are the blue-collar soldiers of Bauhaus. They get things done, and you won't see a force fielded without them. Just look at the new poses. I mean, just look at that. I'm not even planning on playing these guys, and I might have to get a box. If that's not progress, I don't know what is.

     The Vulcan Battlesuit- the Walking Nightmare. A "Dieselpunk" walking armored exoskeleton unit. Historically big and bulky and clunky. This guy gets a major facelift with the new renders. Probably even a single base too, instead of one for each foot. (Really, how did that even seem like a good idea???)

     The Grizzly was the staple armor of Bauhaus players. It was nicknamed "five pounds of fun" even in resin as it was rediculously large and not very practical in skirmish style gaming. It was, however, gorgeous. As you can see, the new kit maintains all the beauty of the original, while scaling down slightly to a more manageable size (For you GW fans, it comes in about the size of a land raider, while the old one was bigger than a baneblade.)

     The last installment is a character model named Angelica Drachen. You'll notice there's no "before" picture. That's because she's never even had a model before! I'll admit, I was kinda holding out for Valerie Duval when a "female Bauhaus character" was announced, but I'm sure Val will make an appearance eventually. Until then, we have a competent female officer (who looks the part) with a pair of head options and a few arm choices. Not at all bad!

     If you want a rundown of reasons to support this Kickstarter, go read this really quickly. If you're already pledged, discuss why below!

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