Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kickwatcher: Warzone Resurrection clears £80K!

     Wasn't it just yesterday I was reporting that the Warzone Resurrection kickstarter had broken £75K.  It seems like the diesel engines are finally firing on all cylinders!

     This means, of course, that we now have Capitol unlocked and available at launch! In my opinion this had always been critical to a successful launch for Resurrection- Capitol had always been one of the most played factions, and it lends an "American Iconography" to the game which has always been very appealing to American players.  (Why is that important? Well, aside from the mass number of hobby dollars, it's important to me, since I don't want to have to go to England to play a game.)

     Capitol being unlocked means that Prodos is now dedicated to producing five complete factions for the game at launch. This is impressive to say the least! I cannot remember the last time a skirmish game in this scale had so much product all hitting the market at one!

The next hurdle: £85K and what it means to you

     Alright, so the next reward is a single character, and one from a faction you're not going to play... why should you care? Oh, you didn't read the fine print, did you.... Giveaway: special price [-£1 from RRP]. Hoarder Alert! Hoarder Alert! This means that the cost on those £12.99 units that is already down to £11.40 will go down to £10.40 each if I've got my math right,£10.45 if they apply it befoethe 5% discount. Either way, you're now looking at brand spanking new soldierdolls at 20% below list price, and don't forget if your pledge is high enough your money is also worth 10% more!  You guys that were holding out for discounts, it's time to get your pledge in!

What lies ahead: £90K goal
     The £85K goal is really just a placeholder guys... what we really want is to hit £90K. £90K has literally something for everyone: A new unit released for each faction, and another -£1 from RPP!

  • Hoarders- More stuff for the same money
  • Single Faction Fans- another unit
  • "Collect and Painters"- five units!
  • Hardcore tactical players- another srategic specialize element in your arsenal
  • Fluff players/MC fanatics- fire more units of what you know reimagined!

     And now a beautiful render to make my buddy Ulfang change the army he's playing. Ulfang is an extreme converter, it's what he loves most. Hey buddy, did you know with the new add-on kits you can turn these Legionaires...

into these Legionaires...

See you all at the table soon.

The Second Class Elitist.

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