Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Goblin Aid Progress Update

     So, I just wanted to take a minute to make everyone aware of all the hard work Ian and Dags have put in trying to organize support for Kev "Goblinmaster" Adams. There's a good amount of information ready, so it's time to relay where everything's at.

     First and of foremost importance, Kev says he's doing "okay." The man's got a completely different definition of the word than I do, apparently, but at least his spirits are up, and that's the biggest key to recovery in the first place. 

     An email and paypal account have been set up to collect donations. For the time being, Dags has asked that people not use that account to "prepay" for the limited edition scuplts being made- it'd be a lot more book-keeping, so just hold onto that for now. Anyway, that address would be goblinaidATfenrisgamesDOTcom  We all know how that part works, and I didn't hyperlink it because it doesn't need to immediately fill with penis enlargement spam. 

     Goblin Aid has set up a dedicated ebay seller, which will handle the sale of a limited edition run of unique models donated by some of the most top-notch scupltors in the business. They are all donating their time on the greens for free. The models will be produced by Ral Partha Europe, who also has agreed to donate their casting and distribution services for free. The list of the twenty-three sculptors in this horde supporting the Goblin King is:
  • Alex Bates (Forge of Ice)
  • Warren Beattie (Hasslefree, etc)
  • Mark Craggs (World of Twilight)
  • David Drage (Iron Mammoth, Scheltrum, etc)
  • Chaz Elliot (WotC, Citadel, etc)
  • Mark Evans (Crooked Dice, Fenris, etc)
  • George Fairlamb (Black Cat bases, Fenris etc)
  • Andy Foster (Heresy)
  • Paul Gargon (Mad Clown)
  • Matt Gubser (Dark Age, Rusted heroes, etc)
  • Des Hanley (Otherworld)
  • Alex Hunter (Warploque)
  • Phil Hynes (Monstertown USA)
  • Tre Manor (RedBox Games)
  • Steven Marchant (Inso)
  • Gary Morley (GW, etc)
  • Stuart Powley (SLAP minis)
  • Tim Prow (Wizkids, Heartbreaker, etc)
  • Sylvain (Golgo Island)
  • Davide Tedeschi (Shieldwolf)
  • Bill Thornhill (Musketeer)
  • Kev White (Hasslefree)
  • Jason Wiebe (Reaper, etc)

     That's going to be an impressive stack of figures that every Greenskin player, and every true fan of the Hobby is going to want to own- and it all goes to an amazing cause to help support a great guy. 

     In addition, contact Goblin Aid if you have any models (painted or otherwise) you'd like to donate to the cause, or if you'd like to donate your time painting some or whatever. Hey Tourney/Con organizers, I know your out there, how about setting up a tin cup for the old Goblin Master at your events? Let's make this happen, and happen big. 

     Guys, this is what it's all about. We're a community, we have to be. We can bicker amoungst ourselves as far as "square-basers vs. roundbasers," or arguments about genres and settings and rules and company logos... but at the end of the day regardless of if you roll d6s or d10s or d20 or toss cards we're all gamers sharing the same damned hobby! Kev has been a large part of that hobby for a good many years, and I know damned well some of you got into this because of his work. He's supported our hobby and our dreams for decades, now it's time for us to pay him back. Click the facebook page. Like it. Send a donation if you feel you should, or wait for models to buy if you feel you need to. But whatever you do, support this. Please. 


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