Thursday, March 28, 2013

Warzone Resurrection Surpasses £90K, Prodos Consolidates Backer Rewards

     Warzone: Resurrection punches through yet another stretch goal for their kickstarter, unlocking five more units to be produced at release! Additionally, the guys at Prodos organized the backer rewards all into one convenient chart, and all the model options available in the line thus far into another. Let's see what this means to you as a backer!

     So, here's where the smart money had this Kickstarter reaching from the start: Capitol was a necessity for a successful project launch, and from there it was a short £10K to reach releasing 5 additional units. The question is, has the kickstarter just about run out of diesel?

     First, let's look at the new units across the board: the Dark Legion will get the Praetorian Behemoth, Cybertronic produces Scorpions (although, as they're listed in the Monster/Walker/ Bikes list, should we assume this means they're now something more/bigger than just a refitted Chasseur?), the Brotherhood sees the return of Inquisitor units, Capitol acquires the Martian Banshees, and Bauhaus receives a never-before seen unit- the Vorreiters- based upon concepts put forth from a pair of Backers and shown here.      Wha....Wha.... what a.... wargaming company listening to gamers... adopting their ideas into the game.... and even creditting  them with it.... oh, I feel faint, I think this might be a sign of the Apocalypse... or maybe just a sign of a company doing this thing the right way!

     So now let's look at the line as-is at release. For those naysayers that point to no-one in the industry being able to match release dates with You Know Who, let's look at what's coming out. 14 characters (including the Kickstarter Only model). 16 units. 6 boxes of Big Gribblies or "not quite bikes." 3 Tanks. 1 Huge Monster.  That's 40 separate kits at release!!! This is an insane drop of soldierdolls. While obviously we're not going to see this kind of push regularly, 40 kits is enough to give anyone pause, and a large enough line to look good on a retailer's shelf. 

When trading in count troops as worth £11.40, Starter sets: £30, Monsters, Bikes etc: £13.30. * Unique Hero

    So, if you're like me, the amount of incentives you've earned during the kickstarter can be tough to keep track of. Fortunately, Prodos realized this and organized it quite nicely right here. As you can see, if you (or you and your buddies) have the money, the best bang for the buck (or,as Mark commented, most sound for your Pound) is to hit the Cartel level. The second chart shows how much of a discount from retail price each pledge level is. Again, sitting pretty at the Cartel level. Looks like we finally our sweet spot. Might be a little high unless you're a crazy soldier-hoarder (like me),  however that's a great way for 2-4 players to bid in and get a nice sized playable force.

For the 10% extra do not include your shippment charge

*Please note the RRP shown assumes the Doomtrooper model and Free cards are worth £5 each. Savings for extra add-ons not included. Savings subject to change as the KS progresses, but only in the right direction!

     Now, from this point on the Stretch goals get a little thinner (although to be fair, that's because the last one was five units released- that's hard to keep up with). A vehicle for Capitol is doable and will help keep them on an equal footing. 2 special characters for going up £20K is a rough sell. If that happens, another £10K for a Capitol unit is possible. Limited Edition models sell, but probably not well enough to get to £130K. Unlocking Mishima will boost numbers as the MegaCorp has a strong following, but I don't know if the following is strong enough to raise the Kickstarter almost 50% in 10 days. (Imperial *might* have done it, but I agree with holding them for a later release.) My expectation is Mishima won't get seen, as the kickstarter will crest six figures but that's about it. There's an old chestnut in show business: "Always leave the audience wanting a little more." Well played, Prodos, well played. I look forward to WZ:R2- Mishima and Imperial. 

     If you want a discussion of the reasons why as a Gamer or Hobbyist you should really support this project, head over here. If you've already read that (or don't care to) jump over to the Kickstarter and pledge/raise your pledge!

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