Saturday, March 23, 2013

Kickwatcher: MDF Terrain Kickstarter!

     Alright, so now that you've got all your prettily painted soldierdolls ready to go, what are you gonna use for cover? Old textbooks and beer cans? You want some knockout table kit that stands up and compliments your knockout army. What you want is the new kickstarter from Commission Figurines.

     Commission Figurines is the kind of company LXG loves to support- a small production lead by a man with a passion and a dream. Walter Anstiss is a fellow Hobbyist with his roots in historical armor battles in 15mm. Unimpressed with the available options for terrain, Walter got the equipment to craft his own- making Great War and WWII Western European replica buildings and ruins. Commission Figurines was responsible for the whole of the Stafford Wargames Group's Flames of War table at Derby 2012, and you can tell it was quite impresive!

     Walter currently has a kickstarter to buy equipment to upscale his production- literally. He's looking to get enough funding to be able to produce his beautiful mdf ruins in 28mm scale. With the release of Warzone: Resurrection right around the corner, I can't think of a better way to kill Bauhaus in a 27th Century WWI Dieselpunk feel than in ruins of WWI and WWII Europe. Not to mention, they'd look pretty spiffy as the ruined streets of Spinespur as well. 

     Unfortunately, the Commission Figurines Kickstarter has generally been glossed over in the rush to collect the many soldierdoll Kickstarters currently available. Walter's got two weeks left to meet his goal, and he's a little below halfway there. Let's help out a fellow gamer who's done some really nice work, and help this kickstarter get up to 28mm scale. You know you want to butcher my force on a table this sexy, right?

     See you in a game soon!

The Second Class Elitist


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