Sunday, March 24, 2013

Model Review: Spinspur Thugs Revisited

     Okay, so I did a model review here on the Spinespur thugs, Dr Akron, and Pigskin. In it I gave a fairly  accurate critique of the bare models, and rated the thugs a 3 out of 5. I'm going to recant on that and now having painted them, change that a bit...

(Please forgive the sloppy photo-editing... that's a really new skill for me. I promise the next one will be better!)

     I'm moving them to a 4 out of 5. Granted, everything that had been said before still holds true: no faces, hunched over chainsaw guy, great anatomy, great variety of weaponry and heads, still metal.  The difference is in how well they took the paint.

     By using a lot of real-world anatomical values and real-world fashions, the bare metals looked... well, bare. There wasn't any flashy bits, any go-faster stripes that you could look at and say "oh wow I can't wait to paint this bit!" Instead, what you got was the equivalent of a blank canvas. With each model I had to really decide who I wanted him to be, how I wanted him to look, and what I was trying to tell story wise with the model. This is generally more in Belgarath97's alley more than mine- I assembly line, and he completely hates to. For these models you almost can't assembly line them, they're simply too individualistic.

     So what began as "blandish clothing" became Google searches to come up with appropriate images to model colors from. A hometown hoodie, a Jamaican motocross helmet, and we were off to the races.  Each
model became an exercise in "what kind of shirt/coat/bandanna can I turn this in to?" and each model developed into their own character- very appropriate for a game where you'll have less than a dozen to work with.  Overall, I'm very, very pleased with these models, and looking forward to seeing all of them on the table in action! I can't wait to get more of this line, either the existing models on the Comfy Chair Games website, or the new offerings coming through the Kickstarter.

     Which, by the way, if you haven't backed yet... what are you waiting for??? DO IT MAN! DO IT NOW WHILE YOU STILL HAVE TIME!!! MR. JINGLES IS COMING!!!!!

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