Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Welcome my friends, to the show that never ends.

     Hello, and welcome to our Blog! I’m the Second Class Elitist, and I thought we’d tackle some of the more pressing issues in gaming today. Let’s start with the first question you asked yourself as you were clicking here...


                Q: Do we really need another TTG blog cluttering up all the internets’s tubes?
                A: Well, probably not. There’s already a handful of excellent gaming blogs out there, as well as several handfuls of less-than-excellent ones. We’re just one more voice in a sea of sound, one more (likely dim) star in the night sky. However, what we do have is a lot of experience in this hobby of ours. I have been a GW staffer, FLGS owner, Event Coordinator, and an avid builder/painter/collector of the wee soldier dolls for two decades. (Not in that order, obviously, because that would be weird.) My blogmate Belgarath97 has been all these as well, if you subtract out the FLGS owner bit, and take off a decade or so. Ahh, youngin’s. This- along with being arguably certifiable- gives us a unique slant on our shared hobby, so hopefully these lunatic ramblings of a deranged mind will give you some added insight into your personal version of the hobby. In addition, we will have a number of "guest bloggers" from time to time to keep things exciting!

                Q: Can’t I just find out everything here somewhere else?
                A: Absolutely not! Granted, we’ll have a lot of the same rumors and news as others in the blogisphere, however there will be a number of unique attributes here as well: Reviews of upcoming launches and products, painting guides as to how we do different schemes here, reviews of up-and-coming products and companies (including reporting on a few of the gagillion Kickstarters in the hobby so you know where to spend your money), and exclusive interviews with industry insiders.

                Q: Okay, I’m sold. How much will all this cost?
                A: Nothing! Just come here, read what you like, read what you don’t like, and comment accordingly!

                Q: What will you guys review?
                A: We will review any models, rules, or games sent to us by their producer- and we’ll give that producer a copy of the review to read before posting, so they can give us a nod or ask us to not post it (no editing however- there will be truth in advertising I swear!).  We will review rules, model quality, basing materials, dice.. pretty much anything that makes up part of tabletop wargaming. Additionally, we will review anything that we are currently working on in our hobby.  At the moment, these would include Dark Ages, Spinespur, the Warzone: Resurrection Kickstarter, and a few others.

               Anyways, on with the Show! Questions? Comments? Donations? Incriminations? Suggestions for reviews? Leave them below!

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  1. I have no idea how to contact you to discuss my game on kickstarter.
    here is my email pitch:

    I've been developing this game tirelessly for the last 13 months. I'm getting in touch with you today to talk about the Kickstarter campaign.

    The game is called HOST: A Card Game For The Rest Of Humanity and you can check it out here:

    The game is based in a world where Aliens & Zombies are a clear and present threat. The only hope for Humanity are the Federal Detectives and the CDC Doctors. The game rounds are approximately 15 mins and in that time, you'll start a conspiracy, engage in misdirection, and secretly complete your objective to win. Assuming nothing else goes wrong, at any time the players a subject to Global Events i.e. earthquakes, typhoons, and the illuminati.

    It'd be great if you would consider featuring my project on your website, or even backing it. There is even a reward level to put your own ad in every copy of the game for the next 24 months!

    We've already had inquires about getting the game into some shops locally, and have a New York band doing some soundtracking to the video ads we're making for the game. With rewards levels to get their EPs for being a supporter.

    Once again, any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I know you are a busy person, so thank you in advance for checking out the game ( and please let me know if there's any questions you have.

    -Matthew Robinson