Saturday, March 23, 2013

Kickwatcher- Prodos announces more Stretch!

     With Warzone: Ressurection quickly outpacing the stretch goal that had been established, Prodos has added new ones... including ANOTHER FACTION!

     That's right Ladies and Gentlemen the possibility of yet another MegaCorp at release has been realised! Now, I'm not saying that it'll be an easy stretch, but for those who wanted to play Mishima, you know what you need: basically another 50k. It's a big stretch, but to play the Corp of the Rising Sun, you should be willing to go the extra distance!

     A lot of love in this list for Capitol, which makes sense since they were just unlocked- personally I can't wait to see which vehicle they choose to do.

     For those of us that like our elite limited edition soldierdolls, the 130k goal is for us. No word on who or what it will be yet... but it's the weekend after all. Let's give them some downtime. Also, just so my readers know, the limit should be 1,000 not 100. Typo or "pint error," the world may never know...

     Anyone have any reactions to this new list? Thoughts on what the new units and heroes could be? Post them below!

The Second Class Elitist

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