Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spinespur Contest Update #2

     So I've gotten a little work done on the contest models.  While I'm excited to  show that off, I mostly wanted to give slightly better pictures of the models options, as not everyone is familiar with the range yet, and might not have seen my reviews of them here and here.

Get Some Head!

     We have one of the top sprue to work with, and two of the bottom.  Top sprue is a gas mask, a football helmet (already claimed), and a rather sinister looking metal-skull mask type thing. (I know, sometimes I get all technical.)  The bottom sprue is a bandanna and sunglasses, a Hannibal Lector style mask, a motorcycle helmet (not pictured, one claimed one left, see below), a paintball mask that can be converted into an atv helmet pretty easily, a gimp mask that doubles as a Luchidor mask ( see this for proof), and a welder's mask. 

Da Body! Da Body! Da Body!

     Upper Left is pants, t-shirt, and a jacket. I'm leaning towards putting the Cowboys Helmet on one of this guy, unless someone else has a better idea- and I still don't know what weapon to give a cowboys fan. Upper Right is military BDUs.  Lower Left is pants, a polo-style shirt, a jacket, and a gas mask. (If you want a head swapped on that, I can do it.) He also comes with a baseball bat, but that's an easy fix if someone wants to see him with another weapon- snip the wrist, hollow it a little, and add on a weapon hand. Lower Right is a biker jacket and boots that has already been called by rollntider to be a T-bird... but no head or weapons are selected yet ( I was thinking baseball bat or lead pipe.... anyone wanna call it?) The other Biker is going to be a crotchrocket racer, so both of those guys are spoken for.

What, no candlestick???

     We've got two full racks of these to play with, and some leftover bits of my own besides.  left to right they are a lead pipe, a baseball bat, a sledgehammer, a machete, a katana-style blade, and an axe.


     This guy needs a head and a paint scheme idea. Any takers??? Remember, the Chainsaw Thugs make it into the prize pile if the Kickstarter makes it to $13K, so get your bids in!

Mister Happy

     Here's my concept for Chainsaw Thug #2.  Mister Happy.  It'll even say that on the chainsaw.  The clown mask should be a lot of fun to paint up. 


     So, in case you didn't know, that's what the biker helmets look like.  I'm planning on doing this guy like a crotchrocket racer.  He's nicknamed "Yamaha" for now, but not sure if I'll go with their colors or not. Leaning towards giving him an ax. Thoughts/Suggestions?

     That's the easy part. Head over to the Spinespur Kickstarter, and back it pledging at least $65. Then post the name you pledged under in the Contest article- it's that easy! Then come back and help me decide how to paint these lovelies! I have some thoughts for the Grave Golem and Cerebeast, but if anyone has anything they're like to see on those, drop me a line!


  1. It would be great to see the Cerebeast painted Albino. Greys and browns are common for wolf/werewolf figures, white not so.