Monday, March 18, 2013

Kickwatcher: Warzone Resurrection clears £75K, PRODOS GIVES AWAY FREE STUFF!

 Let's all take a moment to congratulate Prodos for hitting their £75K stretch goal!

    That means these lovely upgrade packs to your left are now unlocked! They are £6 per pack and will include gun variants, head variants etc. They are not needed for the game, but they are a customization option that will not be available after Kickstarter, so grab them now! More importantly, it means we're less than £5K away from the arrival of CAPITOL. 

     Additionally, Prodos dropped this little bombshell on us today:


     Hoarder Alert! Hoarder Alert!
This means your £109 plus pledge buys a lot more retail than you think! Remember that the kickstarter prices all began £1 below RPP (that's MSRP for us yanks), and we already unlocked a 5% discount on add-ons! Let's figure this out, assuming even just a base £109:

You can choose any mix of starter sets (including duplicates and triplicates) of Dark Legion, Cybertronic, The Brotherhood or MegaCorporation Bauhaus (or Capitol if we get there)

    You start with 3 starters and a rulebook. A special character (a £4 "limited edition" value price) for free, collecter die unlocked in starterbox for free, and £10.9 for free to spend. Say you turn in two starter boxes. That gives you a £30 credit for each, now meaning you have £70.9 available to spend on units and character models already 13% below retail for units, 14% below retail for characters! Your £109 could buy you upwards of £137 worth of product and rulebook! Plus an additional free model at the Cartel (£249) level.
Add to that if you're buying outside the UK, Prodos will throw in a free character of your choice to offset shipping...  Everybody who was saying they needed to see 15% below list to buy in... you've got it!

Moral of the story: bump up your pledge. Add in a few more notes of choice to cover these new lovely add-ons, and let Prodos raise if one for every ten you spend. Not to mention, if you were waiting for Capitol, it's in striking distance. Put in your pledge now- give ol' Big Bob Watts a hand!

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