Monday, November 30, 2015

Just When You Thought it was Safe to Go Back on the Gaming Table...

Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Hurry, get out of the water! No, wait, even that won't help! Run!!! It's:

The Zombie of the Month- November 2015- The Zombie Landshark of Bikini Beach by KaYo Miniatures

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Post-Octopalypse- The Grand Finale!!!

   I know, you thought my last post was the Grand Finale. But this is the GRAND Grand Finale. It turns out, both Second Class Elitist and myself had off yesterday...

A Fistful of Turkey

     So, having some free time on our Thanksgiving Holiday, Ali and I decided to get in a game for our This Is Not A Test campaign, with a decidedly festive bend. After all, what better way to celebrate the holidays in the Wasteland than with a Tribals vs. Settlers battle report?

Friday, November 27, 2015

Post-Octopalypse week 4- Oh, Rats, the Boss is Coming

   Well, I promised you a grand finale, and here it is! A whopping 11 more models to finish off my Post-Octopalypse painting challenge, bringing my personal number to... A lot, and the club total to even more.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Post-Octopalypse Week 3: The Coming Storm

   Well, it's the end of the third week of our Post-Octopalypse, and considering I was only expecting to get everybody to "table-ready", I am very pleased to report that I got enough figures to that stage to feel safe bringing you FIVE completely done minis this week, all for my "This is Not a Test" Tribals- which are called the Stormbringers, hence the article title, in case you were wondering.

Battle Report: Dark Age Campaign Week 2- Prevailers vs. Bounty Hunters

   Ok, I've never tried writing a battle report before, but I figured I'd try it, since the game was only 300 points and it made a good story. So here goes- let me know what you think!

   It's week two, and we're still at 300 points, but today, instead of kill'em all, we can actually only score points with secondary objective cards. I was really frustrated with the uselessness of the Coils last time (the 3 of them only killed 1 model total, and didn't move far, while Michael flew across the field and took out the other 4), so I decided to go the other way, and just bring 2 archangels, hoping that wouldn't bite me in the arse for objective running. TOG, who also likes to play big guys, brought only 4 models- 3 mercs and one sidekick to a merc. That's 6 models in all for the whole game ::lol::

   Round One: Yeah, yeah, yeah, everybody moves, and you can't collect objective points anyway. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, my approach is to start moving my guys to where they can obtain a point for my first objective in Round 2: Advance: Have everybody in No Man's Land at the end of the turn. Not too hard since I only have 2 guys. I am assuming my esteemed opponent is doing the same- moving towards objectives.

   Round Two: TOG charges right in with Phadros, slashing at Gabriel from two inches away, because he figures (quite correctly) that leaving that jerk on the field any longer than necessary is a bad idea. He does one point of damage out of three. Gabriel retaliates by smacking him with the Angelic Choir, both stunning him and knocking him prone, because Gabriel's a punk.
   Meanwhile, on the other side of the field, Michael can't aim for Lucky, who is just out of range, so he shoots at Maximo, hitting Lucky anyway since it's a blast template, and doing 1 point. Ironically he does not kill the 1 health point sidekick, who makes both his armor saves, but now they are both on fire, which always becomes important later.
   Lucky retaliates by hitting Michael and blinding him, like she does. Yeah, that whopping 4 point deficit to your AS is definitely annoying.
   Blade runs over to join in on tag-teaming Gabriel, sliding in at the edge of an objective marker hoping to score his team some points, but does not have enough actions left to hurt the big punk.

  Round 3: Phadros wastes so much energy getting back on his feet that he can't finish off Gabriel (because Gabriel's a punk). Rather than let Blades also get a shot off on him, Gabriel smacks him point blank with a face-full of Angelic Choir, which sounds bad enough, but really it was Blades' unfortunate crit-failing of his armor save that did him in. He apparently leaned into it, and took both his hit points at once, having had no chance at all to show off. Sucks to be you, Blades. Michael, who has always been the slugger of the Heavenly Host, decides that he'd better come to Gabriel's aid, vaulting in at a 90 degree angle to Gabriel so Gabriel can still use the Angelic Choir if he needs to. Unfortunately, Michael is not able to finish off the massive Phadros, which is only a problem because I have won initiative maybe 5 times in my entire life. What were the other two busy doing this round? Well, Lucky, who remembered that she was on fire, spent the round putting herself out so she wouldn't burn to death, while Maximo, who forgot he was on fire, tried to attack Michael and merely succeeded in immolating himself. (Fire, bad!)

   Round 4: TOG wins initiative (big surprise) and activates Phadros (big surprise) who finishes off Gabriel (big surprise), who explodes, like he does. The blast did one point of damage to both Michael (oops, I guess that 90 degree angle wasn’t the right pick) and Phadros, who alas only had one left… because Gabriel's a punk.
   So now it's my activation, and I have one guy left- so does TOG, but mine is bigger- and can get within melee range. What was the lesson of week one, kiddies? Don't get into melee with Michael, especially if you're a ranged specialist. Michael vaults in on Lucky, charging her with his massive bonuses. She gets a free melee attack on him and tries to plunk him with the butt of her pistol, but it's like a kid with a pinata stick beating on a mech. He finishes her off with his usual brutality.

   Mind you, this week was all about those objective cards, and at this point he had 3 cards to my one, but I got lucky with pulls, and ended up with 4, since you keep playing it out through round 8.

   So there was the fight, but the really brutal part was the after-game campaign rolls. Gabriel walks away without a scratch, while the guy that killed him (subsequently getting himself blown up in the process) rolls a crit-fail and is out for 3 games. Because Gabriel's a punk. To make matters worse, Lucky and Blades roll just as badly. Ouch. The biggest problem with that is TOG's entire force is based on having 8 or 9 big mercenaries, and he's already down 3 for the next 3 games. At this rate, he may very well end up with a game in which he cannot fill his points allotment, which is generally not good for one's campaign score.

   So, let's recap. Week one, the moral of the story is: Don't Melee with Michael. Week Two, the moral of the story is: Gabriel's a punk. Honestly, TOG really likes that about Gabriel. He's thinking about making a Gabriel and the Banes crew- the version I resisted, 'cause they're a bunch of punks.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Monday, November 16, 2015

Zombie Hare Krishna Painting Contest Results!

Well, here they are, the official results from our Zomtober charity painting contest! All further votes will hereby officially be ignored. And, in the interest of full disclosure (and to allow for bragging rights and trash talking), I'm giving you the full results, complete with all placings and who painted what.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Post-Octopalypse Week 2: Double Trouble

   Yeah, I know, that wasn't creative at all. I just stole Second Class Elitist's week one title and changed the cliche reference. But at least it gives a degree of consistency.

   That's about where the commonality ends, though. No mutants here. This week, you have two very different but both incredibly awesome female apocalypse survivors, with their genetic stability apparently very much intact.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Post-Octopalypse week 2 WIP! It's TNT time!

   All right, I promised you some Tribal action this week, and here they are! I didn't get as far a playing a game with them last night, but they are ready! There are a couple late editions that are not as far as the rest, and there are a few more I am hoping to start in case of casualties, but there will be no gray primitives on this field. Or, white, I guess, since a lot of them are Bones models.  Don't worry; you'll get a better introduction when they are all done.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Post-Octopalypse Week One: A Trio of Troubles

So, I got a solid bit of time this week, so cranked out three of the models I'd been working on for my  This Is Not a Test Mutant Warband.  So, here they are, coming at you live and in person in ARMAGEDDONSCOPE!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Ali's Post-Octopalyse week 1 WIP Wednesday!

   Ok, so, I figured WIP Wednesday was a good way to show off my post-Octopalypse work. Especially considering I expect to start a lot more than I finish this month. Thing is, we are planning to play both Dark Age and This is Not a Test here in the old headquarters, and I have bupkis for both. And if there's one thing Second Class Elitist hates, it's gray soldier syndrome. And I'm not crazy about it myself. That being said, I'm not exactly playing high equipment lists in either game, so I need a LOT of models for both.

   I'm not that fast. As you saw last month, I can finish one or two models a week, tops, if I do them start to finish. It doesn't matter how many models I need. That's my pace. Period. So, I need an alternate plan to avoid playing with unpainted models.

Welcome to the Post-Octopalypse!

Hello everyone! Since I was a little late to the party for Zomtober, I thought I'd try my hand at coming up with something new for us to aim for in the month of November....
The Post-Octopalypse!

Monday, November 2, 2015

The Hare Krishna Zombie Contest Voting Begins!

   Well, the month has come to a close, and, as promised, here we are with a lineup of Hare Krishna zombies from the Studio Miniatures Z-Clipz range, ready for you to vote on to benefit charity. Everyone toiled hard on these lovlies, and I am pleased to report that we have a variety of lovely Hare Krishna zombies for you to choose from. With no communication at all, we each managed to make them look different without even converting the models- exactly the reasoning behind having everyone paint one- so we could have a group without them being redundant!

So, without further ado, here they are!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Zombie of the Month- October 2015- Mindless Zombies by Wyrd Miniatures

   Well, you have seen them appearing in drips and drabs all month long for my Zombtober articles, but that's no reason for them not to get their own, bona fide Zombie of the Month Article. So here they are, all together for the first time, like a little zombie family.

Zombie of the Month- October 2015- Mindless Zombies by Wyrd Miniatures

Friday, October 23, 2015

Zomtober 2015 Week 4- Cleaning up?

   Well, well, well, here we are, at the fourth and final week of Zomtober 2015, or Zomtober IV,
whichever way you are counting. It feels a little wierd having more than a week of Octoober left and putting up my final post for Zomtober, but that's the way the schedule worked out this year. More zombies might still happen as a matter of principle, but I guess I should take advantage of the opportunity to finish some other things that are due for all these commissios and contests I got myself into ::lol::. I need to plan better next year. Anyways, here they are, my last two official zombies for this Zomtober- well, the last two I can show you right now. I give you my word my zombie Hare Krishna is also done, but we don't want you to know which one belongs to whom until after the voting, so I'm not showing you right now. But for the record, that makes my personal official Zomtober total 9- two per week, plus a Hare Krishna. Oh, and one of those was on a 50mm base, to boot.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Zomtober Week 3 from Ali

Well, another week has come and gone, and due to a ridiculous case of road rash on my palms from a running accident, I have been fairly useless. Fortunately I had just enough dexterity to grasp a brush, so I was still able to eek out a couple zombies. No, that misspelling was intentional; don't correct it.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Zomtober Week 2- Ali Alcatraz

   All right, folks, nothing unpredictable this week. I was able to finish two more zombies from the Malifaux Mindless Zombies set. These are both awesome characters- one obviously working the railroad or something and a girl that had a nasty run-in with an archer. I decided to start playing around with skintones. After all, what better time to experiment than on a couple of random zombies. And besides, Second Class Elitist loves layered washes and paint schemes, so I figured they'd go well with the Resurrectionist force he's making.

   So, for the girl, I went with a mix of blue and skintone paints, washed over with a wash of equal parts Army Painter Green Tone and Strong Tone, for that fetid remains look.
   The guy is using that obnoxiously pink Army Painter Barbarian Flesh, washed over with the Green Tone and THEN the Strong Tone, to give a two layered toning effect.

   Stay tuned next week, when I promise you some Pulp City, and possibly a Malifaux Substitute. I'm almost done with the Mindless Zombies box, anyhow. Don't worry, they will all come back for their own Zombie of the month article.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Ali's Zomtober Zombie #2!

Ok, so, I didn't want to just do the minimum, so here's a second zombie for week 1. It is another from the Malifaux Mindless Zombies set. Obviously, I am hoping to finish the box this month (I have way too many Malifaux models on the board). Nice box. Nice basic zombies. More next week!

Zombtober- Zombie Stripper!

Not to be outdone, here's my offering for the first week of Zombtober: the Zombie Stripper from Studio Miniatures. 

Belgarath97's zomtober survivor

So here is this week's model, as promised in the sunday news.  She's a model from z clips, based on Maggie from the walking dead.  I really liked the character of the model, but couldn't find a reference with her wearing a tac vest and long sleeves.  So I went with a combination of one of my favorite pictures of her and one with her wearing a tac vest.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

I win!

OK, here it is, my first official zombie for Zomtober! I got mine up first in my club, so that means I win, right?

Wait, we weren't competing to put ours up first? You know, from the Sunday news? Belgarath's survivor? 2CE's stripper zombie? Oh, well. That still means I'm on a good pace for the month, right?

You guy's comin'?  ;)

I should shut up before Second Class Elitist puts up a dozen of them just to show me up. Back to painting!!!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Zombie of the Month: September 2015- Zombie Mime by Hasselfree Miniatures

March 22 has officially been deemed World Mime Day, in honor of legendary French mime artist Marcel Marceau. Of course, over here in zombie corner we prefer to celebrate someone's death day. Besides, what could be more appropriate for a mime than to celebrate his death? It is the ultimate expression of silence, after all. And so, in honor of the anniversary of Marcel Marceau's death on September 22, 2007, I bring you:

The Zombie of the Month- September 2015- Zombie Mime by Hasselfree Miniatures.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Zombie of the Month August 2015- The Lovely Ladies of Malifaux, Part Two: Rotten Belles (metal edition)

Good evening everyone.  Ali is a bit busy making new friends this month, so I stepped in to try to raise up an article for her.  Our zombie of the Month this time around is a part two of an eventual four parter starring the Lovely Dead Ladies of Malifaux.  This one is the Rotten Belles edition.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ali's Massive Post-Surgery 6MMRPC Update

Hello all!

   Well, I wouldn't say I'm completely recovered from the surgery, since I still have two holes in my mouth and can't eat anything crunchy. On the other hand, I have some lovely new cadaver bone in my jaw, and what better for a zombie master? Thanks for all your support while I was out. As you can see, I did finish my super secret Zombie of the Month project. If you read the article you will know that joker was, of course, immediately exchanged for another set of zombies.
   In addition, I was successful in completing the two massive terrain projects that I was working on while I was sick. If you watched our Sunday news this week, you will have seen them taking up the entire table. If not, well, here they are!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Who let the (zombie) dogs out?

I may have mentioned, nothing escapes my zombie apocalypse. Even if that weren't the case, though, zombie dogs are a classic.  There's very little that's scarier than man's best friend turned man's worst enemy.  That's why I'm very pleased to present this month's expansion of our collection of zombie dogs with:

The Zombie of the Month- July 2015- Canine Remains by Wyrd Miniatures

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sick Day 6MMRPC projects for Ali

Hello readers!

   Alas, I have some bad news. I'm about to be down and out for several days recovering from surgery. Sure, it's not the most extreme surgery in the world, but it will involve being unable to eat for a couple days, which means my normal physically active lifestyle is right out. So I figured I'd better have a couple simple painting projects available in case I'm bored but can't concentrate very well.
   So, even though I haven't COMPLETELY finished my first Mountain of Metal project (it's getting close, but not totally done yet), I am planning a few fairly simple things to work on. The first I'm not showing you a picture of, because it's going to be this month's Zombies, and I want you to be surprised. But it is three miniatures, and I promise they are currently unpainted.
   The second involves turning a bunch of these:


Into these:

Why? Well, I will show you  a picture of the final idea when I get some done, but suffice to say, it involves POWER. And here's the first step: chopping off the tops, replacing them with those little light sockets from Christmas lights, and priming them an appliance off-white. From there I have to paint the tops and those ribs on the side, which is actually a lot of work, because they're deep.

The third project, also a decent amount of work, is to do the rest of the buildings/scatter terrain in my sci-fi set. You have already seen the prototype in the Painting Week Terrain Day article. The rest of this pile is to be painted to match:

That is all obviously going to take me longer than this week to finish, but I wanted to make sure I had some less detailed things to work on while I'm sick and injured. And they are all things that I've been trying to get done for months, so I figured now's the time.

Wish me luck. I'm off to go get anesthetized and spend the next few days on an all protein-shake diet.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Shrap's Jump into the 6MMRPC -- Forlorn Hope from the New Gent in the Trench


I’m the new gent on the block, planted smack in the middle of Central California. Holding a passion for miniatures for a few too many decades, the personal backlog of unpainted beasts and vehicles I own threaten to cause an expensive landslide under my game table.

Meeting Second Class Elitist has been a pleasure, so I’m excited to dive into all LXG has to offer. Friendly intros aside, let’s talk about my attempt to chip into menacing pile of plastic during this 6MMRPC.

Friday, June 26, 2015

One More for the Cabinet! Atomic Punks by Bombshell Miniatures

   Bombshell Miniatures, as its name suggests, has tons of awesome female miniatures. They have, in fact, an entire page on their webshop just called "Babes." But if you think there's just a bunch of scantily clad, character-less bimbos in there, I hate to disappoint you. You're way off. The bombshell babes are the most diverse set of female sculptures I've ever seen in one place. Sure, there are some bodacious beauties in there, and they are all beautiful in some way, but you've got choices, my friend. You want modern,  futuristic, or fantasy? Check. You want strong women in full armor or formidable action poses? You got 'em. Astronaut, pirate, ogress, robot? All in there. If you can't find a female mini on Bombshell's website that you like, you probably don't like female miniatures.
   The only tough question is, with so many awesome minis, which one do you pick when you want a model just 'cause?

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day from The Sunday News!

Happy Father's Day from LXG!  If you're looking for the newest news in the Wargaming scene- as well as a special Father's Day sale- this is the place!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

6MMRPC Belgarath's Malifaux Viktoria's Warband

Surprise! Yep I didn't go with anything 2CE suggested. Those of you who have followed me rantings, know that I don't particularly enjoy painting. So entering a painting challenge such as this helps motivate me to get them done. But my first project has to be something I feel compelled to paint. 2CE talks about a mini telling him when it's done, and I agree with him and model let's you know how it wants to be painted. So while I was looking through the mountain I found myself called to paint Viktoria and her crew.  It is the box set with one substitution.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

WIPWednesday 6MMRPC update

So, since I couldn't figure out how to incorporate more hashtags into a single article, here's a #6MMRPC #WIPWednesday update for all your #Warmongers out there!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Building a Buggie for Devil's Run- a 6MMRPC article

There's been a lot of questions about how to convert some buggies small enough to be 3.5cm (1 1/4") for Devil's Run: Route 666.  Since my second group of 6MMRPC models are for Devil's Run, it seemed like the perfect time to do a conversion how-to article.  So here's a little how to using a Hotwheels Go Kart.  However, rather than doing this as a normal conversion job, I'll give the reigns over to the owner of the Muscle Jackhammer Chop Shop, Jackhammer himself.

Monday, June 15, 2015

TokenGamerChic adds to the Mountain of Models!

Having seen all the enthusiasm from Ali and 2CE about the Mountain of Metal Challenge, TokenGamerChic has decided to toss her paint brush in the ring!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Art of War – a Talented team Forges the World of Isbran in Norsgard- New Game, New Correspondent!

Hello fellow wargamers, we are fortunate enough to have a new correspondent today, who's going to be filling you in on a new game we were all excited about- Norsgard. Without further ado, here's Shrapnelsmile to give you the rundown!

The Art of War – a Talented team Forges the World of Isbran.
Interview with Pawel  Żuchowsk, creator of Norsgard.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

6MMRPC: Ali Project #1- Clean-up from painting week

   Having just finished Painting Week, I decided the best thing to do for my first project for the Mountain of Metal Painting challenge is to clean up all those little miscellaneous models that I didn't finish during that Paintcation. The individual Pulp City models, the little bits of terrain I didn't quite finish, the individual models or last ones in a set that I didn't get through or found on my project shelf after the week was over- they are all taking up space needlessly, keeping me from getting to my teams and gribblies. So here we go:

Monday, June 8, 2015

6MMRPC: Tigers by the tail

So, for those who missed the announcement, LXG will be taking place in the Six Month Mountain Reduction Painting Challenge, or 6MMRPC.  My first up to bat were a group of Tiger I E tanks for my Flames of War Late German Eastern Front force.  Let's see how I did!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

6MMRPC video, from Neuicon of CPOP

The man, the myth, the living legend NEUICON of Crushpop Productions has the 6MMRPC bug, and wants to jump in the challenge.  Problem is, he doesn't run a blog anymore- just a few vlog and audio channels.  What's a man to do?  You call on your friends- and LXG is more than happy to help!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

LXG takes on the Mountain (of Metal)!

 Oh sweet heavens, no, not that one!  No no no.  The League of Extraordinary Gamers will be tackling the 6 Month Mountain Reduction Painting Challenge along with a bunch of other talented hobby bloggers.  What is the 6 Month Mountain Reduction Painting Challenge?  Read on fellow addicts with full closets and garages of unpainted figures, and join along in the fun!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Terrain Day and Final Results!!!

   Well, we've come to the end of painting week. Soon we shall all be wandering off our separate ways to create trouble elsewhere. But, before we go, I wanted to share with you the pics from Terrain Day and the final results of the official tally of the First (Annual) Painting week.
   Almost everyone was able to show up today to add in some lovely scatter terrain. Merrick gave us some awesome street lights, a fire hydrant, and that darling hot dog cart. From Second Class Elitist comes... all the stuff that's holding trash, and that cool little pod. TGC made the first of a set of really cool craters she found at AAA Hobbies on our morning excursion, and I made a few pieces of small sci-fi scatter as well as a large power conduit (that's going to power some other scatter terrain I haven't finished yet).

   ...But then I said, "Bah! Pittely stuff!" Look, scatter terrain is the spice of life, but you could be at it all year and not fill a table or get massive points to finish out Painting Week. So I decided to break out the big brushes and up the ante, and voila! Take a look at this big, beautiful hunk of Deadzone building!

   Boom! Instant 30 points. Well, okay, not instant, there are actually a lot of hours in that thing, all line shading and stuff. But boy is that a way to finish out a Paintcation! That oughtta throw me way out in the lead... or so you'd think...
   But, you'd be wrong, because then the Queen of Drybrushing walks in, yawns at me in that ho-hum tone of voice, and does this in about an hour and a half:

   Yup, that's about a hundred tiles of Dwarven Forge, folks. An entire limestone cavern, complete with nasty green muck. Gorgeous, isn't it?
   So that's how it's done, folks. That concludes today with Merrick showing up at the last minute for 4 points, 2CE completing a respectable 12, me finishing a whopping 40 points, and TGC waving her magic wand (read: drybrush) and turning out a truly spectacular 105 points- essentially, an entire table... that just has to get played on asap.

   So there you have it, folks. The final totals for the week are as follows (didn't I keep telling you TGC would pull a rabbit out of her hat at some point? You didn't believe me, did you?)

Belgarath 97- 1 point
Merrick- 4 points
Second Class Elitist- 46 points
Ali Alcatraz- 67 points
Token Gamer Chick- 126 points

For a club total for the week of 244 points! 

   Now that's how you knock off some points and get some models done! Good job all! I hope everyone had a wonderful Painting Week. There are, of course, many more wonderful minis to be done, as well as review articles to highlight some of the gems we painted this week, but I'd say we got a truly spectacular amount of work done, while still enjoying some shopping, grilling, gaming, and having an all-around good time. I hope you enjoying watching the shenanigans. Thank you to everyone who stopped by for Google Chat, and stay tuned for the Sunday news, coming to you early... like tomorrow, because we are almost all leaving for the weekend. Ta-ta!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

When rules go wrong

When rules go wrong.

If you are anything like me, first off I'm sorry, because that means you are a stickler for things making sense.  Especially in your rule books.  And it means you and other's like you are good at finding things in rule books that don't.  If you really are like me, again I'm sorry, but you have a friend or two that like pointing these things out to you and watching your head explode.  Well folks, get the duct tape ready to hold your head together, because 2CE found a dozy.  It comes from a game we've not talked about lately, but after a great trip to NY to play another club over Memorial Day, we'll probably be getting back into it.  The game is Dark Age, and the rule is as follows:

Ratchets can be fielded 6 for every 250  points you are playing, and cost 50 points each.

Gribbly Day update!

Well, we're coming down the home stretch now. Gribbly day was a smashing success, with none of the big three painters coming in at less than 10 points for the day. Here you'll see a nice smattering of models from all over. You've got a Counterblast Illyrian Scout Ship, acouple SDZA models, some more Pulp City, and one Death Kiwi by Alex Huntley that's going to be a special guest in one of my Malifaux squads.

Oh, and just in case you thought that finishing up that adorable little monkey was all TGC did yesterday... no, he just wouldn't fit in the picture:

For those of you keeping score, in these pictures you see 22 more points by 2CE, 11 points by TGC, and 12 more points by myself, bringing our totals to:

Second Class Elitist- 34 points
Ali Alcatraz- 27 points
Token Gamer Chick- 21 points

Now we enter our last theme day. You thought the points got big during gribbly day? Wait 'til you see what happens when we take on... Terrain Day!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pulp City day tally!

   We ran into a few delays yesterday, but we still have some Pulp City minis to show you. Second Class Elitist wanted to have his Way of the Fist and Blade team ready to take on Belgarath's Nature team. 2CE definitely won the painting part of the competition (especially since B97 forgot to bring the correct models), but his karate film stars were no match for B97's master list-building skills once they hit the table. But since this article is about what got done on painting day, here they are, dynamic bases and all. And on the right, a few members of my Bloodwatch team. More on that later, but their theme is centered around canines and New Orleans. They are excused from having their bases done because they were ordered and have not come in yet. The big white wolf is not an official Pulp City model, but he will count as Amok for the purposes of maintaining the visual theme for that squad.
   That means 6 more points for each of us. Token Gamer chick had one almost done, but she's going high details with it, so trust me, it will be worth the wait. Belgarath finished one, but it was not theme related, so it's not in the picture. However, that leaves the point totals as follows:

ALI- 15 points
2CE- 11 points
TGC- 10 points
B97- 1 point

   Now we move on to Gribbly Day, where the points start to get big, and TGC starts to show us who's boss. The rules of Gribbly Day are simple- anything on a 50mm base and up. But first, the Pulp City Day picture!

from Pulp City with love

Delayed SDZA Update!

Hi All!

   I just wanted to shoot you a quick update on our SDZA tallies. Token Gamer Chick went in and finished up her, uh, "winged dinosaur" today before she started Pulp City Day. That gives her a whopping 10 points (because he's about the size of a building), shooting her into the points lead for the week. Yeah. It's what she does.

TGC- 10 points
ALI- 9 points
2CE- 5 points

   And here he is! Don't worry, I'll make her put up a "One More for the Cabinet" article with the better rotating shot later. I just don't want to stop painting that long. Painting, eating, sleeping. That's it. And only because I start to get woozy if I don't do those last two.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Superhero Dinosaur Zombie Apocalypse Day Report

All right! So, SDZA Day ran about 3 days, but that's fair since there are three things to paint in that title. And here they are!!!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Happy Painting Week!

   All right, we're off! Before we really get rolling, I want to show you the project table real quick…

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Zombie of the Month- May 2015- Bones Zombies! By Reaper Miniatures

   If you watch our Sunday News regularly, you know that a little while ago we had this ginormous pile of Reaper Bones on the table when our Kickstarter pledges came in. (And, if you don't, you should. Seriously- I'm told those videos are highly amusing). Now, you know I couldn't sift through all of those minis without kidnapping some of them to turn them into a Zombie of the Month article!

The Zombie of the Month- May 2015- Bones Zombies! By Reaper Miniatures

Saturday, May 16, 2015

HELP, I need a paint scheme!

He's big, he's bad, he's beautiful, and...


Thursday, April 30, 2015

Zombie of the Month- April 2015- Mage Knight Zombies by WizKids

   My position has always been: nothing escapes the zombie apocalypse. Otherwise, we could hardly call it an apocalypse, now could we? So, even though I mainly need modern human zombies for most of our games, I really like it when I go out there and find some other creatures that have been zombified. And you know I like unique zombies, too. And you know I'm not too fussy about where I get them. What does that all add up to this month?

The Zombie of the Month- April 2015- Mage Knight Zombies by WizKids


Sunday, April 5, 2015

One More for the Cabinet- Doom Bunny by Bombshell Miniatures

Just in time for Easter, I bring you the most phenomenal, sensational, delightful sidekick ever created! He is the greatest fear of all who would threaten the joy of childhood! He haunts the dreams of dentists who would keep kids from their beloved Easter candy! He is the guardian of the garden, the defender of Easter baskets, and the champion of chocolate! He is:


Monday, March 30, 2015

Zombie of the Month- March 2015- Zombie Horde (Male) by Wargames Factory

   Okay, so, I have this beautiful population of awesome female zombies from the Wargames Factory Zombie Vixens set, but now I have a problem, because now the gender population balance of my zombie apocalypse is off. I know, who worries about these things? Hey, it's good to at least be able to create a realistic population if you want to, right? So, what's a necromancer to do?
   The solution is obvious, of course, go back and buy the Wargames Factory Male zombies. So here they are!

The Zombie of the Month- March 2015- Zombie Horde (Male) by Wargames Factory

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Psyche of a Gamer: Fluff, is it important?

Recently Second Class Elitist, Ali Alcatraz and I were talking about a conversation he had had with a designer in the miniature wargaming industry.  The crux of the conversation was about whether gamers care about the story, or fluff.  2CE was on the side that story matters, and the designer was on the side that gamers don't care about story.  So while the three of us were discussing this point, I had a bit of epiphany.  Story not only matters, it defines the game for all of us, we just don't realize it.

Monday, March 16, 2015

One wild ride...

So back at TempleCon, Merek (after his win in the Dropzone Commander Tournament), Second Class Elitist, and I had the opportunity to play a game called SkidMarks that will be launching on Kickstarter in the near future.  After a full day playing games, and meeting new faces, it was a chance to just have some fun with a new game.  Below I'm going to try to give you an insight into why I think the game was a lot of fun, and worth your investment.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Another smiley face!

Well, Mr. Quartermain was a little too busy to get up the official WIP Wednesday this week. If he had, you would have noticed my pile was a little smaller:

That's because I finished up a few guys (and one tough little girl).

And what does that net me? Another smiley face on the painting board! Woohoo!

...wait. That can't be right. That smiley face is in my Zombies and Survivors column! Oh, no! That won't do. The Zombie Master can't be out of zombies! This is a catastrophe! A crisis, even!

...but wait, what is this in my mailbox?

...Whew. That was close.