Friday, June 26, 2015

One More for the Cabinet! Atomic Punks by Bombshell Miniatures

   Bombshell Miniatures, as its name suggests, has tons of awesome female miniatures. They have, in fact, an entire page on their webshop just called "Babes." But if you think there's just a bunch of scantily clad, character-less bimbos in there, I hate to disappoint you. You're way off. The bombshell babes are the most diverse set of female sculptures I've ever seen in one place. Sure, there are some bodacious beauties in there, and they are all beautiful in some way, but you've got choices, my friend. You want modern,  futuristic, or fantasy? Check. You want strong women in full armor or formidable action poses? You got 'em. Astronaut, pirate, ogress, robot? All in there. If you can't find a female mini on Bombshell's website that you like, you probably don't like female miniatures.
   The only tough question is, with so many awesome minis, which one do you pick when you want a model just 'cause?

   Well, me, I hate spending money, so generally, when deciding on something to buy, I either go for something I need (which is excuse enough), or that I think I'll get the most use out of (which helps defray the costs). Now, honestly, when buying a Bombshell babe, you are doing so because it's pretty. But stingy old me needed another excuse, so I picked one I thought I'd have an excuse to use in a game. We were just getting into Counterblast, and the Neiran were one of the forces I was building. They didn't get as far as releasing the Hunter pair of the Cavalry during the Kickstarter, I thought a girl with a beastie might see some use. So, for my first "just 'cause I want to paint it" Bombshell babe, I chose the Atomic Punks.
   They came out really nice, and I wanted to share them with you. But one or two still pictures are not going to do this pair justice, so here you go, our first rotating miniature video!

   The Atomic Punks come with the girl and the beastie (not the decorative base). And yes, those are metal, and that little spikey fellow is solid, and heavy. But boy, are they gorgeous. I guess I could have gone with a simpler paint scheme for Fluffy, but I was determined to challenge the color palette. So, yeah, shading the skin in between the spikes took a while, and then shading the spikes took a while longer, and several months later, here they are!
   Where did I come up with such a strange color palette? Well, we were so excited about Counterblast over here (Second Class Elitist loves 50's paraphernalia) that we put together an entire 50's painting palette, so that we'd have the paints we wanted when the Kickstarter got here. In the meantime, I decided to give the palette a little warm-up by using it on the punks, since they were going to be used in the game, anyway. The girl was painted to be reminiscent of the outfit worn by the original Barbie doll, released in 1959 dressed in a black and white bathing suit and packaged in a pink box. (For more information on the 1950's color palette see the Counterblast Teaser article about it!)
   Of course, then I had to figure out how to paint what should have been a two color beast in at least the three colors I had already committed to in my color scheme. I didn't want to make him straight pink, but I wanted him to match, so I added some purple on the back where most animals are darker. Then I couldn't decide between black, white, or silver spikes... so I used all three. It was a scary, multi-step process, but I'm glad I stuck with it. In the end, I was happy with the results.
   Well, that's their story. As it turns out, Token Gamer Chick also fell in love with the Neiran, so I let her have them and went with the Edo instead for now, but hopefully this delightful pair will still find their way to the table someday. For now, at least you get to see them in full 3D splendor here!

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  1. The girl in the Atomic Punks set reminds me of Chiana from Farscape. :-P