Saturday, June 20, 2015

6MMRPC Belgarath's Malifaux Viktoria's Warband

Surprise! Yep I didn't go with anything 2CE suggested. Those of you who have followed me rantings, know that I don't particularly enjoy painting. So entering a painting challenge such as this helps motivate me to get them done. But my first project has to be something I feel compelled to paint. 2CE talks about a mini telling him when it's done, and I agree with him and model let's you know how it wants to be painted. So while I was looking through the mountain I found myself called to paint Viktoria and her crew.  It is the box set with one substitution.

I remember being at GenCon when the plastic Ronin box hit, and I was enthralled. The other's here at LXG will tell you I have a strong attraction to strong female characters. So the Ronin spoke to me. But it would be a few years before LXG would get into Malifaux, and before I would own them. They weren't the first force I bought, that honor went to Collete and her troupe. And as a consequence I focused on Arcanists first. But when an ebay auction for a Vicktoria force and a Freikorps force cam up, I bought it. Then they languished, unpainted and unplayed.
Until this week. As I went through my unpainted mini's I found the calling. A color pallet appeared in my head. I decided to Pastel paint them, and use a traditional Western Movie palette. I will be painting them one at a time, my preferred pace. I know it's inefficient, but I do better work this way. For the first time in a while I feel like really trying on these guys, and I hope you all enjoy them.
First up, Viktoria of Ashes

Next in line, Viktoria of Blood

And their sister, Vanessa (replacing one Ronin from the box set)

What's a Master without her totem, the Student of Conflict

And of course, the Ronin

Next week a completed Student of Conflict (hopefully).
Until next time...



  1. Ooh, those are gonna look cool. Good luck!!!

  2. Well aren't those just some cool looking sculpts that I'd love to use for other rulesets haha! When's this bloody no purchasing rule over again?!