Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Building a Buggie for Devil's Run- a 6MMRPC article

There's been a lot of questions about how to convert some buggies small enough to be 3.5cm (1 1/4") for Devil's Run: Route 666.  Since my second group of 6MMRPC models are for Devil's Run, it seemed like the perfect time to do a conversion how-to article.  So here's a little how to using a Hotwheels Go Kart.  However, rather than doing this as a normal conversion job, I'll give the reigns over to the owner of the Muscle Jackhammer Chop Shop, Jackhammer himself.

Hey there everybody, I've been gettin' a lot of orders for some dustrunners that can make it offroad easy.  So since I've got more orders that welders at this point, I'm gonna spread the wealth a little bit.  First, you get yourself one of these little go karts.

 Strip that thing down, and you've got a pair of axles, a chassis, a big body, and a butt bucket.

The rear axle you can use just as is, but the front one you're gonna need to cut down a bit. Also, get into your parts bin and find yourself a big engine block. Mount that thing up behind your haunch hammock.  The more of the back you can take up with that engine, the better. 

 Time to work on that roll cage. You're gonna need two 5.3cm lengths of pipes.  See, I thought I remembered those centimeters bein' small things, but them Commies must have made'em bigger while we weren't lookin'. Bend'em like you see here, more or less.

Get that small bent piece up front on the frame, and the longer ends of pipes in the back of the engine compartment.Two more short lengths of pipe above the top of the cage shapes it up real nice.

Get two shorter lengths of pipe and finish up your frames. These you'll have to measure up based on your bends. 

Now you've got yer basics of yer buggie built, and it's time to put some plating on it.  Now, you could put some real armor on the thing, but let's face it- the guy yer gonna put in an overpowered go kart ain't exactly yer first round pick.  Chances are a little bit of old wire fence in the front and top should do the trick.  Maybe a bit of hard plate on the nose, just to protect it when it slams inta something since we never put on any brakes. 

There you are, a bright shiny new dune buggie.  Of course, those dirt rats don't want want anything new and shiny, so you best dirt her up if you want to get top dollar.  Make that corpse crate look like a hard chair with some old leather covering, and rust up everthing that's not moving engine parts or rubber.  And there ya have it, a perfectly sized buggy 


  1. Nice conversion! I'm not familiar with the game, but it works for a lot systems like Gorkamorka.
    Thank you for the tutorial!

    1. You bet! DR:666 just kickstarted, and hasn't officially been released yet. 20mm (Hotwheels scale) vehicular combat/race game in a post-apoc setting. You should look into it.
      I've heard tale that they're gonna have some novelization coming out for the game too. :-D

  2. I just joined their facebook group and now want to dig out all my ancient Hotwheels and Matchbox cars and start converting haha! Nice work on this buggy!