Wednesday, June 17, 2015

WIPWednesday 6MMRPC update

So, since I couldn't figure out how to incorporate more hashtags into a single article, here's a #6MMRPC #WIPWednesday update for all your #Warmongers out there!
So, to try to get back into the WIP Wednesday vibe, we've got a few quick updates on our 6MMRPC models.

 Ali is cranking away at her semi-started pile she mentioned back here.  It's such a hodge-podge of models that I know she's looking forward to finishing the menagerie.  Almost everything is at least base coated, and The Magnificent Ego and one of the Zombies in particular are moving along just fine.
 TokenGamerChic's Celestial Dragon from Warploque is moving along as well, with some nice layering starting to work its way in.  I really can't wait until she gets to her basing that she described she wants to build- it's gonna be epic.

As for me, I'm trucking along (see what I did there?) on a Devil's Run: Route 666 gang.  I'm down to one car left to build, and a driver for the Roadster, then just painting up some of the weapon details and stowage on the cars. Then it's on to whichever block of models is voted next.

There you go- a short and sweet update of three rolling pledges of figures.  See you this weekend with some finished bits!


  1. Good progress! That dragon still blows my mind haha

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