Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Art of War – a Talented team Forges the World of Isbran in Norsgard- New Game, New Correspondent!

Hello fellow wargamers, we are fortunate enough to have a new correspondent today, who's going to be filling you in on a new game we were all excited about- Norsgard. Without further ado, here's Shrapnelsmile to give you the rundown!

The Art of War – a Talented team Forges the World of Isbran.
Interview with Pawel  Żuchowsk, creator of Norsgard.

       Norsgard is an upcoming 28mm skirmish miniature game system from Poland, under the leadership and creative vision of  “Pawel.” While the Norsgard Kickstarter has closed, the models have not yet shipped- although that is expected to begin this month.

Norsgard takes place in Isbran- a land ensconced in ice and warfare, where possessed barbarians, mighty Wolfkin and proud Orc Templars clash in a narrative-driven D10 system.   The brilliantly crafted miniature range and campaign based setting immediately appealed to me as the game was re-launched on Kickstarter in late 2014.

 I recently exchanged some thoughts with Pawel regarding the appeal of the artwork released thus far and the array of talented staff on his team.

Olivier Trockle’s depictions of “evil characters caught my attention …  and his first art for Norsgard was the Mistress of the Hunt. He is responsible for design of Howling Horde, and more importantly for the awesome graphic layout as well," added Pawel. In this game system stout Dwarves and agile Wolkin are allies, and thankfully we can expect “more dwarves from Olivier” as well.

Pawel reminisced that he “always loved Rackham art,” so inclusion of Didier Poli was an obvious choice.  “As you know my idea for Orcs is making into  “proud templars not typical brutes.” Along with some added effort from sculptor and good friend  Stephane Ngueyn (ex-Rackham), Pawel eventually contacted  Didier, stating, ” we are working on really some  cool things for Orcs and Wulfkin.”

A relative new addition to the Norsgard array of Talent is the respected artist Alberto Tavira.   “He has been on the team about four months,” noted Pawel. “ He is really nice guy and his art made for Legend of the Five Rings CCG caught my attention.”  A striking example of his work is included in the rendition of Mistress of the Hunt below, from the Howling Hordes faction.

With sculpts by talented staff and  Pawel’s dedication to a refreshing take on fantasy, the world of Isbran holds a promising future.  Look for future coverage as the Kickstarter releases unfold.

~ Mark Halvorsen, aka Shrapnelsmile


  1. I'm proud to say that I am a backer of the Kickstarter. I'm really looking forward to receiving my pledge items in the near future. They're making really good progress, and the preview teasers of the rulebook look downright delicious. This should be a really fun game to get into. I hope to read a lot more from you soon!

  2. Thank you, we look forward to providing more exciting Norsgard coverage soon!

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