Tuesday, June 9, 2015

6MMRPC: Ali Project #1- Clean-up from painting week

   Having just finished Painting Week, I decided the best thing to do for my first project for the Mountain of Metal Painting challenge is to clean up all those little miscellaneous models that I didn't finish during that Paintcation. The individual Pulp City models, the little bits of terrain I didn't quite finish, the individual models or last ones in a set that I didn't get through or found on my project shelf after the week was over- they are all taking up space needlessly, keeping me from getting to my teams and gribblies. So here we go:

   I know it is traditional in this challenge to start with them completely unpainted, but since we just came off of Painting Week, with the way I work, there are a LOT of things started, and it wouldn't necessarily be any more responsible to let models languish just because they have a bit of paint on them. So here's the first set of things I want to finish to clean up my shelf. The girl primed white is the last of my initial set of SDZA figures. The little white rabbit is Buckeye, the Jackalope by Bombshell Miniatures. I just thought he was great, so I got him back at Easter and haven't finished him. I've got three little pieces of terrain lying around that need to just get done so they can get on the table: a fire hydrant and two benches, which are all just primed. The other three with paint on them are zombies for a set I'm working on for this month's Zombie of the Month article. But they gotta get done, so they're in the set.

   But then I started looking around at other people doing the 6MMRPC challenge, and they all seem to do really big things like entire teams or armies or 3 dragons at once, so I decided I better peer further back into my project shelf and find a little more. So here we have four more things that should really just be done before I can consider myself cleaned up and move on to my cohesive teams and gribblies. On the left is the last of a series of terrain pieces. It's almost a year since I finished the rest of them- why is that one still sitting there??? Next we have Cro-Mag from Pulp City. I wasn't expecting to get him, but I had picks left over near the end of our draft, so I grabbed myself a villainous Powerhouse for good measure, but I don't know who to paint him with, so he's on his own, and in this miscellaneous collection. Next to him is my War Wabbit from Malifaux. A limited edition model sitting there in gray is just sad. And on the right is one of many minis I got just because I think he's delightful- "The Magnificent Ego". I've wanted to work on him for months, but I can't decide on a color scheme. I'm probably going with red, white, and blue, because several, uh, proud countries use those colors. Either that or I'm painting him to look like Simon. If you know who that is, you're laughing. If you don't, don't worry about it, because it's not a miniature wargame reference.
   So there you have it. That's my first project, and I call it "Clean-up". It's not huge, but I have some commissions to work on right now, so more than that and I won't finish for months. Better to keep it manageable. I'll show you where they are going when I get somewhere!


  1. A great selection of figures! I look forward to seeing them progress :)

  2. Great collection of things to work on. Some folks go for the big groups or armies...and I start to...then get bored and shelve it for a bit hahaha! Don't feel pressured mate, we're all in this to get ANYTHING done!