Monday, June 15, 2015

TokenGamerChic adds to the Mountain of Models!

Having seen all the enthusiasm from Ali and 2CE about the Mountain of Metal Challenge, TokenGamerChic has decided to toss her paint brush in the ring!
Hi everyone! TokenGamerChic with a few projects I'm going to work on for the Mountain of Metal Challenge- a Dragon and some Monkeys!

First up on my painting table is MONKEYS! Or, more specifically, a whole lot of ARC from Pulp
City. These simian super beings are great fun.  They cover a huge spectrum of abilities in game and can be either good guys or villains. The line up for this challenge shall include the Primate of Nature, Ba-Boom, Apebot, Virus, Guerilla, Howler, Dr, Red, Robo-Chimp, and a Dreadball Alpha Simian. Anyone who watches our Sunday News has seen my Primate of Science ride his custom Dr. Jolt vending machine, so the rest of these guys have a long ways to go before they hit that level of cool.

I have to thank Merek for the fantastic job he did assembling these for me. He even did some conversion work to hide some bits that I lost.  And yes, Apebot is now brandishing a lamp post.  'Cause that's how you do it in Pulp City!

The other project is the Arcane Dragon from Warploque Miniatures.  Great Green Globs of Guacamole I love this model.  This huge serpent has so many many different textures over his graceful frame it has taken a long time to settle on a paint scheme. I intend for this lovely gribble to be a force of nature. Something like heavy storm clouds rolling in, crackling with lightning.  Alex Huntley kindly designed a huge stone arch to counter balance this twisting beauty, but I think I will re-purpose that as table terrain and do something more unique.  I am going to try to make dark clouds out of fiberfill.  A little stiffening agent to keep their shape and a light kit to add drama might just be the finishing touch.

These are the projects taking up space on my "to do" shelf.  I am so looking forward to getting to add to the completed cabinet.  Not to mention getting points off the painting board!


  1. Welcome aboard! The dragon looks like a real challenge.

  2. Will be watching your progress with great enthusiasm! Can't wait to see what you do with that Dragon!

  3. You guys make me sad that I missed out on the Pulp City KS; those figures look like a lot of fun to paint. I look forward to seeing how they all turn out!