Saturday, July 25, 2015

Who let the (zombie) dogs out?

I may have mentioned, nothing escapes my zombie apocalypse. Even if that weren't the case, though, zombie dogs are a classic.  There's very little that's scarier than man's best friend turned man's worst enemy.  That's why I'm very pleased to present this month's expansion of our collection of zombie dogs with:

The Zombie of the Month- July 2015- Canine Remains by Wyrd Miniatures

   What's so great about these zombies? Well, they don't need much reason other than being zombie dogs. If you really need specifics, though, I'd like to say that what I like most about them is that they are just classic zombie dogs. No fuss, no muss, just angry looking, decaying dogs. Two of them are charging at you (one running, one leaping), which makes sense because, let's face it, zombie dogs don't shamble. That's why they are terrifying. Wyrd then wisely left one of them standing, to limit redundancy. Speaking of variety, it is really cool that they look like different breeds of dogs. It gives
them that real "dogs from the streets" feel. Also of note is the fact that there is enough decay on them that you can see that they are zombies from almost every angle- very important for non-shamblers, and something that many sculptors miss. So, if you need some cadaverous canines, these are not a bad choice. I know Second Class Elitist is very happy that I just gave him more ammo for his Hamelin force!
   Oh, and by the way, that was my secret 6MMRPC project. So that's one more joker... that went directly into buying another month's zombies. Expect that cycle to continue.

The Basics:

Scale: 32mm, and actually dog-sized. No 6 foot tall at the shoulder nonsense. Look a the pictures- those are 30mm bases they're on.

Genre:  Any. I mean, how long have dogs and humans worked together? I can't imagine they would even look out of place in the future, unless there are simply no dogs or humans in the game world.

Material: The new Malifaux standard plastic

Parts n' Bits: None. Let's face it. Wyrd gives you enough pieces without supplying extras.

Assembly: Hey, not bad for Wyrd, only 10 pieces for 3 dogs! I mean, yeah, there's a separate ear and a separate tongue that are a bit of a pain, but mostly the kit is pretty easy to put together. Myself, I'm always slightly weirded out by center seams on models, but I can understand why they did it, and even without extra work, they don't look bad. They are pretty clean.

Bases: Standard Malifaux issue: 30mm lipped slotted bases

Sculpt- 4 brains out of 5- Honestly, I'm not sure why I'm not giving these a 5. There's nothing wrong with them, really. I just usually reserve 5's for things that really dazzle me, and, though they look exactly like what you think zombie dogs should look like, they don't dazzle. Which is probably because they are just common zombie dogs. So I'd take that 4 with a grain of salt. Or a piece of kibble. Or whatever.

  Affordability- 2 brains out of 5- The retail price for the pack of 3 is $18-21, pretty pricey for pups, but if you shop around, you may find them for around $15. Still not a price I would build a whole horde at, but one set shouldn't hurt too bad.

  Value- 3 brains out of 5- If you like a strictly human horde, then this is, of course, a 1. If you like a mixed horde, though, zombie dogs are a must. These aren't the only nice zombie dogs out there, nor are they by any means the cheapest, but they are one of the nicest. A good choice if you want a few, unique zombie dogs.

  Availability- 5 brains out of 5- they are one of Wyrd's new sculpts, so any place that carries Wyrd Miniatures is likely to have them… and that's a lot of places, including a few brick-and-mortar stores.

Pros: Good, solid, generic zombie dogs

Cons: They are not terribly cheap, nor are they easy to convert, so, with only 3 sculpts, you will need to look for additional suppliers if you want to go heavy on your zombie dog population and hate duplicates.


  1. Very nicely done Ali. Can you be cajoled into joining Zomtober this year? :)

    1. Oh, you know I'll be there! And dragging the rest of the club in with me ;) I already have one special contest planned.

  2. I like the cobblestone basing. Nice work with the odd off coloured stone to break it up a bit.

    1. Thanks! Those were actually design test bases made by Second Class Elitist. They weren't slated for everything specific, and we figured they'd look good in Malifaux.

  3. I seriously need to get some dogs. Love what you've done with the bases!

    1. The bases are Happy Sepuku cobblestone mold and PRoCreate, painted using James Wappel's stone painting method. Going to be my default for cobblestoning I think!

    2. The bases are Happy Sepuku cobblestone mold and PRoCreate, painted using James Wappel's stone painting method. Going to be my default for cobblestoning I think!