Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sick Day 6MMRPC projects for Ali

Hello readers!

   Alas, I have some bad news. I'm about to be down and out for several days recovering from surgery. Sure, it's not the most extreme surgery in the world, but it will involve being unable to eat for a couple days, which means my normal physically active lifestyle is right out. So I figured I'd better have a couple simple painting projects available in case I'm bored but can't concentrate very well.
   So, even though I haven't COMPLETELY finished my first Mountain of Metal project (it's getting close, but not totally done yet), I am planning a few fairly simple things to work on. The first I'm not showing you a picture of, because it's going to be this month's Zombies, and I want you to be surprised. But it is three miniatures, and I promise they are currently unpainted.
   The second involves turning a bunch of these:


Into these:

Why? Well, I will show you  a picture of the final idea when I get some done, but suffice to say, it involves POWER. And here's the first step: chopping off the tops, replacing them with those little light sockets from Christmas lights, and priming them an appliance off-white. From there I have to paint the tops and those ribs on the side, which is actually a lot of work, because they're deep.

The third project, also a decent amount of work, is to do the rest of the buildings/scatter terrain in my sci-fi set. You have already seen the prototype in the Painting Week Terrain Day article. The rest of this pile is to be painted to match:

That is all obviously going to take me longer than this week to finish, but I wanted to make sure I had some less detailed things to work on while I'm sick and injured. And they are all things that I've been trying to get done for months, so I figured now's the time.

Wish me luck. I'm off to go get anesthetized and spend the next few days on an all protein-shake diet.


  1. Hope you have a quick recovery and good pain control. Hopefully you've made your colour decisions already......I found being loaded on pain killers wasn't great for my decision making (and thinking) abilities.

  2. Good luck with your surgery & as Daveb said, I hope you have a speedy recovery.

    It looks like you have some interesting projects to keep you busy while recovering.

    Take care & Happy Painting!

  3. I can only add my hope for a speedy recovery.
    These power nodes look nice and easy to do.
    I've Always admired how some people see terrain and possibilities in everyday objects.

  4. Get well quick!

    What a great idea with te glue sticks!