Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Shrap's Jump into the 6MMRPC -- Forlorn Hope from the New Gent in the Trench


I’m the new gent on the block, planted smack in the middle of Central California. Holding a passion for miniatures for a few too many decades, the personal backlog of unpainted beasts and vehicles I own threaten to cause an expensive landslide under my game table.

Meeting Second Class Elitist has been a pleasure, so I’m excited to dive into all LXG has to offer. Friendly intros aside, let’s talk about my attempt to chip into menacing pile of plastic during this 6MMRPC.

I’m deep into All Quiet on the Martian Front, a relatively recent offering by Ernie Baker and the team at Alien Dungeon. This creative company hooked me immediately with the infusion of massive Tripods in the era of the Great War.

More inclined toward the human forces for now, my goal is to complete nine U.S. steam tanks, including a unit of MK III armor..

To begin I will introduce a pic of the hardcover rule book, packaging for Bedouin Cavalry and a crisp tank sprue.

I appreciate the precise cast and clear arrangement of the kit. While many of the metal models are a bit challenging to assemble, the plastics seem a pleasure for this game. Accelerator kept the production fast-paced but excess glue quickly blemished the thinner pieces on an MK II, so be cautious if you join me in the fun on the front.

I managed to complete the six lighter armor elements today, and one MK III element for comparison. Along with forthcoming infantry, these three units should prove a significant foundation for a demo force.

It seems the often tedious “real-world” beckons. Thanks for reading, and escape the deadly sweep of the Heat Rays until next time.



  1. I've contemplated getting into AQoMF many times...haven't pulled the trigger yet though. Maybe your posts will push me over the edge! Welcome aboard!

  2. Thank you for the warm welcome Spider. My excessive variety of hobby projects have delayed a second Martian Front post -- but the releases are coming strong from Alien Dungeon!

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