Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ali's Massive Post-Surgery 6MMRPC Update

Hello all!

   Well, I wouldn't say I'm completely recovered from the surgery, since I still have two holes in my mouth and can't eat anything crunchy. On the other hand, I have some lovely new cadaver bone in my jaw, and what better for a zombie master? Thanks for all your support while I was out. As you can see, I did finish my super secret Zombie of the Month project. If you read the article you will know that joker was, of course, immediately exchanged for another set of zombies.
   In addition, I was successful in completing the two massive terrain projects that I was working on while I was sick. If you watched our Sunday news this week, you will have seen them taking up the entire table. If not, well, here they are!

So, a couple pieces were already done when 6MMRPC started, but most of that is new work. Here's a quick rundown of what's happening here:
   The buildings are from Mantic Games. They are actually fully modular- they come in pieces with joints that can be put together in almost any configuration to create buildings, modules, and other nice scatter terrain. For the paint job, we started with a nice off-white primer, to get that appliance look. Don't worry if the primer doesn’t cover perfectly- that just adds natural aging effects. Then I used a nice light gray in the recessed "v" shapes, and used P3 Armor Wash in all the grooves. That stuff pulls into the cracks so well that if you use a brush just slightly smaller than the groove and take your time, you should get some pretty clean lines. Finally, for the details, I used a combination of medium silver and copper- not too much, just enough to make it look finished. And, of course, because I love color, I used some fluorescent yellow to create some lighting effects, complete with some residual glow that made Second Class Elitist very happy, since he's addicted to object source lighting.
   And then there's my electric fence system. If you saw the article with the pre-op pictures, you will know that those white and purple posts are empty bottles of gel glue topped with Christmas light sockets, and capped off with a piece of bent copper for a tip. They were primed with the same appliance white primer. The sides were a pain to paint. I used a combination of a more opaque purple with a fluorescent pink to make it more glowy, then highlighted up with the fluorescent and white from there. The big purple thing is obviously the power source, and it will eventually get a light. I also plan to run strings of bent metal across the tops of the posts to simulate arcing electricity, but I want to wait until we actually use them in a game to get an idea of the spacing. But you get the gist.
   So, there's two massive jokers… that went right back out to Atlantic Miniatures. If you missed their Kickstarter, don't worry- you'll be hearing from us when their website goes up, because even with those massive jokers, we couldn't justify getting everything we wanted. So we'll be back.
   There's no time to stop painting, though, because Bombshell Miniatures' BABES II is right around the corner!!!!!! So what's next? This guy, for one:

More details on him when he's complete. There will also be some Pulp City- "Before" pictures coming soon, when I have them based and primed!


  1. The mantic buildings have come out very nicely. I like the soft/understated colour on the mostly white plates. You should post up a closer look at one of the best pieces to better show off the painting and the OSL effects.

  2. Beautiful paintwork on the terrain, and very glad to hear you're feeling better.

    I have a couple dragons on the "to do" pile and I'll be honest and say they intimidate the shit out of me. Will look forward to seeing what you do with yours!