Sunday, April 5, 2015

One More for the Cabinet- Doom Bunny by Bombshell Miniatures

Just in time for Easter, I bring you the most phenomenal, sensational, delightful sidekick ever created! He is the greatest fear of all who would threaten the joy of childhood! He haunts the dreams of dentists who would keep kids from their beloved Easter candy! He is the guardian of the garden, the defender of Easter baskets, and the champion of chocolate! He is:


What can I say? Patrick Keith sometimes likes to do off-beat sidekicks, and this one's a gem. Between the catchy name and the delightfully quirky sculpt, I just couldn't help myself. And let me be clear- the Easter aspect is not inherent to the model. That was just me. The cut off ear, the ax, and the two different sized eyes are part of the original sculpt. The purple color, the stuffing popping out of the ear, and the colorful eggs on the base were all me.

Oh, and take a closer look at those "Easter eggs." Yup, that's a pile of skulls, painted to look like Easter eggs, sitting in the grass.

And so began what seems to be becoming a collection of assorted rabbit miniatures. Don't ask me how these things happen. I am also painting up another Bombshell bunny named Buckshot the Jackalope, and have a special collector's edition GrimmBunBun coming to me from Pulp City, and a War Wabbit coming to me from Wyrd. Can you tell I like the holidays?

Anyways, enjoy this little morsel. And go check out the non-Easter version on the Bombshell website- the original mini was already cool enough before I went nuts with it.


  1. Great stuff, and perfect timing for Easter! :)

  2. Well, that's the second most disturbing Easter bunny I've seen. Thanks?

  3. Great job dudette, that's one funny bunny!