Thursday, April 30, 2015

Zombie of the Month- April 2015- Mage Knight Zombies by WizKids

   My position has always been: nothing escapes the zombie apocalypse. Otherwise, we could hardly call it an apocalypse, now could we? So, even though I mainly need modern human zombies for most of our games, I really like it when I go out there and find some other creatures that have been zombified. And you know I like unique zombies, too. And you know I'm not too fussy about where I get them. What does that all add up to this month?

The Zombie of the Month- April 2015- Mage Knight Zombies by WizKids


Seriously, this guy is swinging his own arm at you.
That's class.
   What’s so great about these Zombies? The folks that make the Mage Knight board game really know how to stretch their character development all kinds of neat directions. Maybe it's because it's a "collectible miniatures game", I don't know, but they really don't do much in the way of generic zombies. Each zombie has it's own name, and given a list of names and pictures, you could match them up easily. They are characters. If you're the kind of person that likes naming your individual zombies, you're gonna love these guys. Also, if you need some medieval fantasy zombies, and/or hate painting, these guys might have a special appeal to you- they show up totally finished with perfectly table-worthy paint jobs.
   And bless Noble Knight Games- you can find all kinds of treasures there! That's where I found my Mage Knight zombies (specifically, on their ebay store). It's fun to look around, because they sell both mint and used, so you never know what you'll dig up (leaving the zombie pun aside, I mean other stuff, too!)

I just love this guy.
The Basics:

Scale- Though I do not believe Mage Knight officially lists a scale, they are generally considered to come in at approximately 28mm heroic.

Genre- Medieval Fantasy, with a generous amount of fantasy

Material- I think it's some sort of PVC. It's a semi-hard-but-a-little-flexible, plasticy/rubbery sort of stuff that will probably hold up fairly well to abuse.

Parts ‘N’ Bits- None- they come in their finished form.

Assembly- See what I just said? Yeah, that.

Bases- They come attached to their Mage Knight/HeroClix bases, which are about 35mm in diameter, so you will have to pop them off to put them onto any other bases you might need them on.


Sculpt- 3 brains out of 5- Although I would not call the sculpts masterful, nor even particularly artistic, you
can clearly tell what's going on in these figures, which is all you really need to convey the interesting personas they created, especially since you don't have to paint them.

Affordability- 3 brains out of 5- Depending on how hard you look, this may go up to a 4. You may find prices on these figures ranging anywhere from one up to five and a half bucks a figure, depending on how lucky you get.

Value- 3 brains out of 5- The uniqueness of these figures can work for or against their value, depending on the needs of your horde. If you simply have no excuse for putting something like a zombie centaur on your table, fewer of them will be useful to you. Still, it's fun to look around and see what interesting                                                                       characters you can find. And if nothing                                                                       escapes your zombie apocalypse (like mine),                                                             there are some nice, rare finds worth hunting                                                               down.

Availability- 3 brains out of 5- Although it is not difficult to find Mage Knight goods in general, they have so many lovely characters that finding specific ones (or specific categories, like zombies) is going to take a little bit of hunting.

Boy, that looks heavy.

Pros: Delightful characters, come ready to play!

Cons: Very genre specific- not a large variety of uses.


  1. Nostalgia, thank you! Some of the WK Undead sculpts were incredibly
    spot on.