Friday, May 22, 2015

Happy Painting Week!

   All right, we're off! Before we really get rolling, I want to show you the project table real quick…

We put everything we are hoping to paint on one half of the gaming table.

Yeah, it's a little ambitious.The small totes are things we don't really think we'll get to, but they are on the list just in case. As you can see, most of what is loose is black or white- meaning it's assembled, primed, and ready to go.

   Over on the Painting Board, I have added a special column for points completed during Painting Week, called PW '15. At the end of the week they will simply get totaled into the other completed columns, but I wanted somewhere people could very quickly put their points on the board and move on. The To-Do columns are not entirely up to date, due mainly to the massive amount of Kickstarters and such that have come in lately, so we will probably just take a recount of those after the week is over.

   We're getting started late tonight, because everyone had to work first, and some of us have to work tomorrow, so the theme for tonight and tomorrow is:  SUPERHERO DINOSAUR ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!!!! If you follow us, you know what that is. If you don't, I swear it's real. Go check it out on the Nexus Miniatures website. It's a good choice for a first theme- lots of diversity, and the person who will have the most time to paint tomorrow will be yours truly- so it's not like I'm going to run out of zombies.We'll be back Sunday, when a lot more of us are off all day, with some more exciting goings-on!


  1. 30-point penalty? Ouch! Was someone caught napping on game day or something? :-P

    There's a lot of stuff on the table; I look forward to seeing how much of it gets painted!

  2. ::lol:: Token Gamer Chick made the mistake of challenging the other 4 member of the club to a painting challenge- and every one of us won. She's already taken 10 points off!

    And stay tuned- I'm going to keep coming back with updates!