Saturday, May 16, 2015

HELP, I need a paint scheme!

He's big, he's bad, he's beautiful, and...


   So, I've got this magnificent gribbly. He's 110mm tall, highly detailed, and chocked full of spikey bits. In short, he's GORGEOUS. He is called Berserker, and he sure does look angry. But how can you not with all those sharp ridges on you? Anyway, he's the brainchild of sculptor Clint Maclean, created as part of the Sharktipede Kickstarter. Yes, Sharktipede. That looks like what you think it does. There was also a Monktopus. Sorry to give you the bad news, but they were limited runs for the Kickstarter. Go look all this up if you don't believe me.
   Anyway, onto the problem at hand. Over here at LXG headquarters, we have had a lot of packages lately. Which is a good thing. Lots of lovely Kickstarters coming in, new games getting our attention, and piles and piles of miniatures. It's delightful. It's like Christmas- which, by the way, also consisted of us all giving each other miniatures as gifts. Suddenly, the other day, we looked up and realized that we were swimming in minis. Which would be great, except that, minis being solid and all, that made for some really slow laps in the pool.
   Well, we figured, what better for a nice spring vacation than a week off getting some painting done? So, there it is on the schedule- Friday evening May 22 through Friday afternoon May 29- Painting Week. Ok, not everyone could get off the WHOLE week, but throughout that week we will be putting a concentrated effort into taking some of those points back off the LXG Painting Board. Don't worry, we will keep you updated with pictures, articles, and YouTube videos. It will be a blast- we will have theme days, and maybe challenges and competitions and stuff. And you can just bet we will have "Big Gribbly Day"!
   Ah, now we have arrived at my dilemma. I really want to paint the Berserker (among other lovelies!) on Gribbly day, but I have NO IDEA how I want to paint him. I really think his features would work with a large variety of color schemes. Earth/forest tones, fire colors, gray like a pachyderm, or even brighter color schemes like blues and purples- almost anything would look good on those awesome details. So what's a girl to do? I'm running out of time to decide, and I need your help! Please, comment below on what color scheme you'd like to see on this beautiful behemoth and why. Together we can create a magnificent rendering and really do this creature justice!
   Thanks for your help, and remember, stay tuned. We'll get back to you soon with more previews of what's to come during the First Annual LXG Painting Week (maybe? maybe?)


  1. I was thinking of doing mine in a very dark red colour scheme, with lighter bony plates to give contrast. A bit like a flayed dryed out human body.

    1. Oooh, that sounds nice. I had entertained the notion of doing bone and muscle colors, since I do so many zombies- would kind of fit in.