Monday, November 10, 2014

Counterblast Unboxed! The Edo

   Next up on the Counterblast unboxing list is the Edofleini. Or, as everyone is always going to call them, the Edo. Otherwise known as space squids. Because you can't have pulp sci-fi without space squids. These are going to to be a fantastic choice for people that want to do something a little off-the-wall with their paint schemes. I mean, accuracy isn't going to be an issue with space squids, right? You can do whatever you want!
   But there are delightful decisions to be made even before you prime them, right from the moment you take them out of the box. So let's take a look, shall we?

31000 - Counterblast Adventure Battle Game Edo Faction Core Set

   All right, so here's the box. It contains 1 leader, 2 different Guardling figures, 2 different Underlings, and 1 Spawnling. That's 6 ten dollar figures in the box for $49.95, or one free space squid for buying them as a box set. By the way, that's 178 points of models, in a game in which a small battle is about 100 points, and an average one is 200. So, a decent starter box- not the biggest they make, not the smallest. If you don't believe me, check the stat cards- they offer them up for free on the Bombshell minis website.

   I'd like to point out that the box comes with all but 2 of the official Edo figures. The only other Edo figures released thus far are the Trappers and Eyespy. So you are getting pretty much all there is for official minis with this set. The two that aren't included are ones that have specialized abilities that not everyone will want, so they are the logical ones to leave out of a starter box.

Now, onto the review of the figures themselves. I'd like to start with a few general comments.

  1. These are very cool space squids. They have a lot more detail than you'd expect. The skin is textured, they do have suckers, and they have exposed brains, because, you know, pulp sci-fi. A couple of them are even wearing... uh, clothes? Jewelry? Well, something, anyway. The higher ranking ones are adorned with things. Point is, Patrick Keith didn't skimp on the details. He made sure these guys could be just as interesting as other races that have, you know, limbs and stuff.
  2. You are going to want to do some posing. In order to require less assembly (thank you), most of the tentacles are molded along a flat plane. But here's where you become ecstatic that they are made in metal- they can be bent! This has the added benefit of allowing the pose of each model to be at least somewhat unique, even if you have multiples of the same model (which could happen, depending on how you build your force).
  3. You know how I said there's not too much assembly? Yeah, that's a good thing. Because gluing on scrawny little metal tentacles holding big, heavy ray guns scares me. Getting that to stay is going to be a <censored>. This is your warning. Break out your green stuff and/or glue accelerant, because you are going to need them.

   Since we're talking about squiddies here, it might be easy to get them all confused, so let me take you through them one type at a time, help you ID their parts, and highlight some special features.

   Let's start small. What we have here is your basic Spawnling. Of all of the models, they are the most "featureless"- there is only one sculpt, no adornments, and only a basic pistol. If you look at the stats, you'll understand why. These guys are literally nobody yet. They have no inherently specialized skills or stats (although they can pick one- like picking a major at college). They are just youngsters, with baseline Edo stats. So, it makes sense that you can't tell them apart. You get a few tentacles to pose, and that's it. On the plus side, there's no assembly to be done on these guys whatsoever. The box only comes with one, which, since they are kind of points filler, works just fine.

   Next we have the Underlings. They are not much more impressive than the Spawnlings (in stats or sculpt). I think they are on their way to becoming some sort of Guards, but right now they are rookies. However, there are two sculpts of these guys, so there's more options for individual variation here. In fact, the Underlings have the most pose-ability; you can really get those tentacles flailing around, if you want to, so have fun! On the flip side, they have two tentacles that need to be glued on, and one of them with a gun (and a rather small attachment point), so you might find yourself slightly irked if assembly is not a joy for you.

   Then we come to the Guardlings. Now we're starting to get serious. Did someone say space squids with halberds? Yup. And they have some nice adornments, too. One of the two of them looks like he must be the Captain of the Guard, because he's all decked out in a sturdy helmet and gorget. Pluses: no assembly, little posing required, and, you know, halberds. Minuses: little pose-ability, not as much tentacle-flailing action.

   And last, but obviously not least, we have the one they call the Prime Leader. He obviously got the title because he has the biggest tentacles. He really does stand taller than the adults of most other intergalactic species. He even has two tentacles with flared pads at the end that I believe are the stingers listed on the character card- no one else has those. Another tentacle (already attached) grasps a scepter that I think is supposed to be his weapon, since he has one called an Arc Rod. You only have one tentacle to glue on here, and three nice, long tentacles with lots of poseability.

   So there you have it. Six Edofleini. Six 25 mm slotted bevelled bases. One box, $49.95. Tons of fun, and a more than adequate starter force.

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  1. The Edofleini look like they're going to be fun (and quick) to paint up. The large surfaces should make blending fairly easy, and their alien nature means a wide variety of colors are viable.

    Also, I'm sure *someone* will paint up an Edo figure to look like Octodad sooner or later... :-P