Monday, November 3, 2014

Music to Paint Models By and Wage War With- the Lorenguard Kickstarter

Okay, so, I know we have a "shiney new soldierdoll" requirement for supporting Kickstarters, but this is one that I know you guys can get behind.  Why is that?  You've been rewinding to listen to them on our videos.

Yeah, you heard that correctly.  Our videos have a "greater than 100%" retention rate for the intros.  That means you guys aren't fast forwarding through the musical number.  In fact, you're going back to listen to it again.

The band you're listening to is LORENGUARD, and they have a Kickstarter right now to help supplement the cost of thewir next album and book.  Yes, I said "book."  Lorenguard's epic power metal focuses on a storyline in a fantasy world.  Their first album coincides with book one of Brady Sadler's The Days of Astasia trilogy. The kickstarter is to cover the printing and mastering costs of Book/Album Two of The Days of Astasia, titled Two Shades of Night.  

There's a reason LXG features the music of Lorenguard. Their powerful anthems are story driven, and fuel the imagination of the listener, empowering them to epic levels.  This comes across in our painting, in the rush of the charge on the tabletop, and in the introductions to all our work.  If you are a fan of power metal, a fan of science fantasy, or even just a fan of ours, this is definitely a band for you.

As far as the Kickstarter goes, for me the "sweet spot" on this one was the $50 level, mostly because I'm a fan of limited edition do-dads, they get me every time.  However, if limited edition bookmarks don't exactly do it for you, you can get the book as well as the digital download of book/album one for $25.  That's really a great deal there, folks.  

Almost every time we talk about a Kickstarter, we're bringing you a small business entry that really needs the support of fans to be able to make it.  Not the supercompanies with their annual million-dollar kickstarter, but people that really can only see their dreams realized with the help of others- which is what Kickstarter was built for.  So, please, go take a look, listen to what they've got, and then decide.  They've only got a week left, and a long hard road ahead of them to make their goal.  

Exactly what you'd expect from a band of epic fantasy warriors.

I'll see you on the other side of the table,
The Second Class Elitist. 

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