Saturday, November 15, 2014

Fantasy gaming is dead? ...Not with Norsgard!

So my friends say I have a problem.  I love Kickstarters!  I search the site at least 3 times a week looking for new minis, games, terrain, you name it.  So when I stumbled on Norsgard I surprised to see a new fantasy game coming to market.  There had been a few others with varying degrees of success, and I wondered what could make this one stand out.  I was in for a bit of a ride...

First off it covers the standard fare, Orcs? Check! Humans? Check! So we've got the Warcraft crowd covered, good guy huma...  Wait the Orcs are the good guys?  The humans are the rampaging horde?  Ok Norsgard you've got my attention.  Norsgard games is using the imagery we all know and turning it on it's head.

From the KS:

Scarlet Watch
The Orc Paladins of the Order of the Ram have a terrible secret. Once their own fell to darkness and made a pact with the ancient demons and turned to necromancy. These traitors were destroyed but the stain of their sin created the Scarlet Watch. Warriors exposed to the sins of their brothers have been assigned to patrol the cold lonely highways to guard against barbarian hordes, and hopefully to find an honorable death. They are lead by warrior mages, deemed to be trustworthy, but politically inconvenient. These Dark Guard mages lead the fallen brothers in a hopeless quest to bring peace to a land at war.
This faction screams PLAY to me!  Then the humans:
Howling Horde
The Tribes of Mork are the wildlings and barbarian of the icy north. Now joined in dark ritual with ancient demons they are given new purpose. Though they are human they fight with the ferocity of wild beasts. They live to claim power, and lives to feed their Demons. They also seek to gain mastery over the other tribes. The Howling Horde is the largest of these tribes and their demons are strong. They use fell magic, poisons and sacrifice to achieve their ends. 
Taking the familiar and turning it sideways, I love this type of story telling.  A third faction, just released via stretch goal.  Werewolves and dwarves... Where do I sign up?

Seriously, the gameplay video definitely intrigues, as it appears combat will result in injuries and models won't be 100% effective until they die.  I'm looking forward to seeing more about wounding and combat.

As a KS goes, there isn't ton's a tons of free stuff, but I think they are using KS for what it was meant for, creation not pre-sales.  It's a small company taking a realistic shot, and I honestly thing they will deliver on their promise.  They are activly not over stretching.  and so far they are rolling right along.  Give the KS and look, read more about the world.  Look at the gorgeous models, and decide for yourself, is fantasy gaming dead for you, or did it just need a little shaking up?

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  1. Fantastic introduction to Norsgard Belgarath! You mentioned what appealed to us as well when the Kickstarer surfaced -- several of us backed it without regret. It will be exciting to see what developments unfold...