Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tabletop Props Kickstarter is Funded!

Tabletop Props did it! After two unsuccessful tries, their Covered Wagons Kickstarter is finally funded, meaning livestock-powered transportation devices are heading to tabletops near you soon! So, what's left in this Kickstarter?  A whole lot of upcoming stretch goals for other campsite and western themed pieces.

So, the project we told you about right here has successfully funded in under 36 hours. Congratulations to Jonathan Wilson and Tabletop Props.  You hung in there, and made it happen.  Now, give the people some stretch goals to talk about!!!

First stretch- and one that is definitely happening- is a dead tree.  Oddly, the most exciting thing about this tree isn't the tree per se, but the root system. It's a much more realistic design than you can normally find for the money.

 $18,000 unlocks this lovely campfire.  I'm totally expecting to trim this a bit and put it on a lit base, because with acrylic flames why would 't you?

Each Tabletop Prop begins as a vision brought to life by a full 3D render. $25,000 gets you a tent! Not just any tent, but one complete with some bags and satchels.  Because you can never have to much small scatter for realism.

Don't want horses?  How About Cows!

The only real downside so far is aside from the first one, we don't know if backers are going to receive anything for free. Also, there are no price points listed for these items yet- I expect we'll find that out closer to each unlock.  In addition, this kit had been teased wit ha really nice looking log I'd like to see make the rounds. Oh, and an update on the earlier Kickstarter, these were shown as a possible alternative drive animal- no word yet on if horses or these guys will be purchasable as add-ons by themselves.

So, there you go folks! Time to get in on this one while you can still get earlybirds, and grab yourself a wagon train of terrain!

Into the Wild: Crossroads Campsite includes; Covered Wagon, Tent, Campfire, Way Post, Dead Tree, Stump, and a Log

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