Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Holiday Savings- Your online discount shopping guide

 Welcome to the Holiday Season! For most of us, that means eating too much, seeing family and old friends, and watching football. Those are for other blogs! We're going to look at the commercial benefits this holiday season can being to your Hobby!

Now, there's bound to be more added in, and I'm just going to keep updating this article as I find more, so be sure to check back regularly.  However,  here's the list of over a dozen I've uncovered,  in alphabetical order- and it even has a couple representatives on both sides of the pond!

Updated November 27th: Five sales added, Nineteen sales total listed.

Anti-Matter is having a sitewide sale... but your guess is as goosd as mine at to how much. They show it as both 30% off and 40% off... sometimes in the same add.  Use the code BLACK to get the discount, and then let me know how much you saved!

ACP Games:
On Cyber Monday (December 1st), all orders get free worldwide shipping.  I know all you gamers on Luna 1 are upset at being left out, but the rest of us are pretty okay with Worldwide shipping for free.  Add to that the bundle deals on the site for units, units with transports, and whole armies, and you're saving some serious cash. 

AA is offering a few seasonal specials this year, including 10% off the limited edition Christmas Trio of Dwarves LE022 Rudolfs Raiders, 15% off the fantastic PRM03 Centaur Claus, 52503 Von Rotte Grenadiers (Unit, Skirmish, Singles), HE05 The Cadmus Dragon, and 59007 Cryptmass Goblin House. Not all miniatures are military and so they have 25% off the four in 52017 Dwarf Camp Followers as well as DH2 Halflings of the Gnomish Legion and DH2 Gnomes of the Gnomish Legion. Then there's a great half price offer on the 54502G Campfire for any 28mm use. Well worth taking a look at!

Everyone needs cases, nobody wants to buy them.  So buy them on sale. Between November 28th and December 1st Battlefoam is having a site-wide sale, up to 60% off.

Bombshell Miniatures:
From now until the end of December, everything on the Bombshell site is 20% off! Just make sure you key in the code "MINI20" at checkout.

Crushpop Productions:
Crushpop Productions (better known as CPOP to their fans) are having a Dollar Sale from November 23rd to November 30th.  All of their products on Wargames Vault are only a $1 cost to download.  Definitely a great way to look into new games for almost no cost!

Fantasy Flight Games:
Now through December 1st, FFG is having a big blowout sale.  While you might not play any of the games they sell, DUST has some really good terrain for the 28 Heroic and 32mm crowd. Here's a pro tip:  the DUST Tactics expansion Operation: Cerberus has a three story building in it, with a floorspace of 6 inches by nine inches.  Not bad for $9.  Get some.

FireForEffect Studios:
While they don't sell product really, F4E sells tutorials on hobby techniques. Right now, those tutorials are 50% off- great for yourself, or the perfect gift for the hobbyist you know trying to improve their skills.

Ground Zero Games:
From now until Monday December 22nd, orders of £30 subtotalled pre-VAT will get a free Christmas gift bag (which will vary with order size), and a Discount Voucher good in January and February of next year.  If the subtotal value of your order (excluding VAT and postage/shipping) is £30 or over, but less than £100, then you will get a voucher worth 15% discount off your New Year order; if the value is £100 or over, then you will get a 20% discount voucher. Pro tip for UK buyers:  apparently add 20% to those values to account for VAT.  Then again, you probably know how to do that better than I do anyway.

Hawk has put up some great offers for both experienced DZC players and beginners.  Basically, you can build a two-player starter box using any two armies you want.  Or, you can get a KR Multicase effctively for free.  And it lasts until January 5th, so not a bad way to spend those holiday gift cards.

The Ion Age Games:
Staying in the smaller scales, The Ion Age is still offering the pre-release sale on their Hab Complex terrain we told you about earlier this month. Only through the 28th, but a great way to get awesome 15mm terrain, and have it for your holiday bloodbath.

Miniature Market:
One of the top US based online clearing houses, Mini Market just put over 800 items on sale for 30-60% off list price.  While you might not find everything you want in the sale, their norm is 20% off list, and free shipping over $99... so combining some non-sale items into your list won't hurt.

Morland Studios:
A great store for figures 28 through 54mm plus busts, bases, terrain options, and large scuptls.  Morland is having a 20% off sale now through Dec 1st.  Don't let the "less-than-shiny" webstore fool you: these are some great pieces at great prices, and it's worth the visit!

Otherworld Miniatures:
Until midnight on Monday December 1st, you can use the coupon code 'blackfridaycybermonday' on their web-store's checkout page to get a 20% discount on your purchases. The discount doesn't apply to our Gold, Silver & Bronze Vouchers, or anything which is already on sale.

Secret Weapon Miniatures:
Misterjustin at Secret Weapon has an interesting system set up- which really should come as no surprise. November 27th-29th you get 20% off your order. November 30th and December 1st it's 15%.  For the rest of December, including post-Christmas, it's 10%. Shop early, shop smart, shop Secret Weapon-mart.

Victrix Limited:
For historical gamers (see, I didn't leave you out!) Victrix is offering a 25% off of their French and Austrian kits- including the massive 54mm plastics.

Wargamma will be running a 22% off sale site wide from now until December 22nd.  That means terrain, objectives, bases, models, the lot of it.

The Warstore:
Much like MiniMarket, the Warstore is a great clearing house.  While their Black Friday sales are usually spectacular, they play them kind of close to the vest, so no idea what will be discounted until Friday- but discounts there will be.

Wild West Exodus:
From Friday November 28th until Monday December 1st, WWX is runnning a 35% off on their whole site.  If you take that on an army bundle, you're saving a ton!

Wyrd Miniatures:
Wyrd normally doesn't do "sales", so much as they do limited edition items- some of which are free with qualifying purchases.  That trend continues this year, with the added bonus that remaining metal figures in the warehouse are apparently going on sale for 50% off. Specials will by the Hide and Seek box in dayglow or translucent pink for $60, Vengeful Spirits box in dayglow or translucent lime for $55, and the Nightmare Edition Whiskey Golem reappears in a translucent Root Beer color for $70. As well as some leftover sought after models, like the Herald of Obliteration set.  Orders of $150 or more will receive a limited edition Gremlin Sniper and Katanaka Sniper for free.  Orders of over $300 receive that plus either a Bete Nior in translucent red plastic, and the first ever plastic Showgirl model.  Great stuff!

Okay, hopefully I've helped you spend your hobby dollars wisely and get more stuff for your money.  If you know of anything I missed, drop it in the comments below and I'll add it in to the list!

See you on the other side of the turkey,
The Second Class Elitist


  1. Excellent list! One note, though. In Wyrd's Black Friday/company's birthday sale, the $150 level and $300 reward levels are for BOTH minis at each level. So if you spend $150, you get the special gremlin and the Ten Thunders sniper, and if you spend $300, you get all four.

    1. Yup! I read that wrong somehow! Fixing it in today's edit of the list! Thanks for keeping me on my toes sir!